Novak Djokovic – I’ll be back!


2016 tennis season is almost over with the only tournament remaining is the finishing Masters in London. Novak Djokovic failed to keep the first position on ATP list. Andy Murray is currently number one after Djokovic had to surrender his quarter-final match in Paris to Marin Cilic. Serbian tennis powerhouse is of the opinion that he hasn’t had the last word. After the sad end of the season and some disappointing results he still wants to finish this year as number one.

He was first on ATP throughout the entire season only to lost his place after the Paris Masters. His friend and adversary on the court, Murray waited more than seven years to get to the top of the tennis list. He had his moment and Djokovic congratulated him as a true sportsman. Serb used social networks and trough Facebook and Twitter to share words of praise for Scotsman. Former number one mentioned their rivalry and announced that the fight has only started.

In recent years when the competition in world’s tennis was the strongest ever, Djokovic managed to be best of the best. Being on top was all accomplished due to his talent, hard work and most of all a winning mentality. That’s why it comes as no surprise that only after being second for only a day Djokovic is already talking about coming back to the top. He does this with the utmost respect for Murray. Two of them played their first match when they were only eleven years old. After being overthrown from the first place in ATP Djokovic stated that number one spot is the place where Andy deserves to be. All of his hard work through his career and especially in the past year deserves a reward. And he got it.

Main reason for why is Djokovic already talking about coming back to the top is because it is at his hands reach. Everything he needs to do is to win the London Masters. Seems like an easy task for a player of Djokovic’s caliber but taking into account his current form it won’t be all that easy.

Masters in London gathers eight best players from the ATP and gives them a chance to win the last tournament of the season.