Nokia’s subsea fiber is fast at 65 Tbps and blows Google’s own speed


The Nokia Alcatel Lucent Submarine Networks has managed to achieve a mind blowing and record breaking 65 terabits per second data transmission over a 6,600 km fiber link. The record was set in some lab tests which were conducted recently as the company is making trials on the new technology. They are planning to make the new fiber links which will be used to support the demand by the telecom and internet companies for some high capacity undersea links.

65 Tbps in perspective is actually the same as linking about 10 million HDTV channels silmutaneously, so you can see that Nokia has really hit a milestone here. The fiber links are also 5Tbps faster than the Google cable system, the FASTER cable system that the search giant recently put money into so that it could help with then Google Apps and the Cloud platform apps.

The FASTER cable by Google has a capacity of about 60 Tbps currently, and of that Google has access to about 10 Tbps at the moment. FASTER’s supplier, NEC, completed the final rollout of the 9,000 km long FASTER cable back in June. The cable links the US city of Oregon to two other locations which are based in Japan.

The Nokia Alcatel Lucent Submarine Networks is said to be the biggest supplier of the subsea cable systems and is also said to have deployed about 580,000 km of optical submarine cables for its customers. The company and Nokia Bells joined Nokia after being bought last year.

The trial in the lab made use of a modulation form which was developed by Bell Labs which is called the Probabilistic Constellation Shaping, or rather the PCS. It helps with the production of optical signals which will be less prone to the noise and various other impairments.

The Nokia Bell Labs managed to also use the PCS to get about 1 Tbps of the Deutsche Telekom band networks back in September. Nokia also noted that the trials used some submarine grade, dual band and erbium doped fiber amplifiers. The first amplifiers made use of were rolled out in the transatlantic sea back in 1995.

Two decades later, there has been a significant improvement on the PCS and other components which has led to an increase of 13,000 times from the first long haul amplifier system.

Alcatel Lucent Submarine Networks CTO, Olivier Gautheron said that the new record was the latest in one long list of achievements which were achieved by the company in the past 20 years. The breakthroughs at the company have led to the transformation of the long distance data transmission. He also added that the new feature also underlined the strategic focus and the R&D which was used to raise a bar for the undersea fiber optic technology and the researchers continue to develop some new solutions to help themselves with the traditional and the web scale operators.