Nikki Bella is one of the most recognizable superstars in the Women’s division. She now has some mainstream popularity, partially due to her being the longest reigning Divas Champion, and part of it is because she is dating John Cena. We all know about her character in the WWE, good looks and her twin sister, but here are some facts that you probably don’t know about her.

She Dated Dolph Ziggler – Yes, she is with John Cena now, but back in the days of being in developmental WWE brand then called Florida Championship Wrestling, now NXT, they were a couple. After a while, they decided to call it quits, and she is now with John Cena.

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She Wanted To Play Soccer In College – Both Nikki and Brie Bella played soccer when they were younger. Brie decided to quit playing it at one point, but Nikki wanted to get a scholarship through soccer in college. Then, she broke her leg, and her soccer career was over.

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Nikki Was Married For Three Years – Even though she really didn’t have a long marriage, she got married to a high school sweetheart, but they decided that they did make a huge mistake, so they had that marriage annulled as quickly as possible.

She is Half-Mexican Half-Italian – When you look at her wrestling name Nikki Bella, you can’t figure out her heritage. But, when you look at her real name – Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, you can see that she is half-Mexican, half-Italian. Mexico and Italy are known for their beautiful women, and Nikki Bella fits that mold.

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Nikki Is The Older Twin – Twins are usually asked who is older between the two. In this case, Nikki Bella is the one that is older than Brie. It’s not by much, but they are separated by 16 minutes.


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