Nike Inc (NKE), Twitter Inc (TWTR), Yelp Inc (YELP) And Others Are Among Samsung’s Gear S2 App Providers


Samsung Gear S2 is now in the US, and the organization has showcased some of the tops apps featured for its Tizen OS. The company has dubbed this list of apps as “timeless partners” with the aim of getting people enthusiastic about the soon to be launched smartwatch.

Samsung claimed that it would feature above 1,000 apps particularly designed for the Gear S2 at the latter’s debut. The company has made the SDK open to app developers in an attempt to get developers fashion unique watch faces that give more data specific to the app.

Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE)+ Running, an indispensable part for any wearable OS, Nike+ Running app updates the user on the distance covered, speed and other parameters. Information is delivered on the face of the watch. There is a repository for the motivational content.

Volkswagen has made two apps, Car-Net in the U.S. as well as e-Remote in Europe. The apps can check if the doors are properly locked, switch on the air conditioning and also halt the car from charging if its electricity driven.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Trends updates the user with the current trends, ongoing conversations, tweets and retweets from around the globe.

Kevo is an app that can open your front door from your wearable. One can also dispatch digital codes to family and acquaintances when not at home so that they can enter the house, and there is no danger of losing the house key.

The Line messaging app has cool characters that can double up as stickers. Now, there is a facility to choose one of the stickers as the watch face on Gear S2.You can also send the cutesy characters to your contacts.

Samsung’s subsidiary SmartThings has an app for the Gear S2; it lets you control the smart home devices externally from the house.

Yelp Inc (NYSE:YELP) app helps you to organize your schedule. The user can review food destinations, flights, coffee shops, theaters and others while on the move.

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