12 Things to Do at Night in London – 2024 Guide for Tourists


London is one of the top destinations in Europe, and this city has so much to offer that you will need at least one whole week to see the most popular sites, museums, monuments, and many other things. Also, this city is great for people who would rather go on some tours during the night, since many places work all the time.

Furthermore, London has plenty of pubs and nightclubs. You can see a pub at almost every corner in the city, and these places are sort of a trademark for the whole United Kingdom. Nightclubs are also amazing, and you could even get a company by calling some escort service like escortrankings.uk, where you can choose from lots of girls that can make your company while you are visiting clubs or any other places. There is always something interesting to do in London, especially during the night. In this article, we are going to present to you some of the best things that you can do in London during the night in 2024.


1. Observe the City from Shard Building

London is a place where we can see the tallest building in the whole of Europe, the Shard complex. This building has 95 stories, with over 300 meters in height, and provides you with an outstanding viewpoint on the whole city. Besides the viewpoint, you can enjoy some of the best restaurants and boutiques inside of it.

2. Visit Restaurants

You will find the widest selection of international cuisine in this city. There are plenty of Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, Indian, Korean, and many other types of restaurants when you can enjoy some delicious food. Besides the globally popular Gordon Ramsey and his restaurant, you should not skip eating at Andy’s Greek Tavern, Sketch, The Cinnamon Club, and many more. Nonetheless, you could get a Pass Dining Guide, and use it to find and get various discounts in many restaurants in the city.

3. The Ceremony of the Keys

One of the most popular events that you could visit in London during the night is the Ceremony of the Keys. During this ceremony that is a few hundred years old, you can see the closing of the Tower along with the music, rings full of keys, military procedures, and many more. However, you will have to make a reservation for this event, since it has great popularity among both tourists and locals as well.

4. The London Eye

The London Eye is one of the legendary and remarkable structures in the city and one of its most popular trademarks. You probably saw it on a postcard or any video about the capital of England. You can check the working hours. The Eye is usually opened until 20:30. The best view is available during the sunset.

5. River Thames


Whether you go on a walking tour aside from the river or take a cruise, you will have an amazing time at night. The best attraction linked to the river is to get on some cruise with a bar or a restaurant and enjoy the night with some nice cocktail and great food. Also, you will enjoy nice music while you are observing the London from the Thames.

6. Nightclubs and Pubs

Besides Fabric, Brixton, and many other famous clubs where you can hear popular names from the UK music scene, we advise you to visit some local pubs. You will have a chance to enjoy the best of English culture, try some of the best beers, eat fish and chips, and meet local people. You can find a pub in London at almost every corner.

7. Visit Some Comedy Club


The British sense of humor is popular in the whole world, and if you ever watched some movie with Hugh Grant, you know what do we mean. There are plenty of comedy clubs in London, where you can laugh all night with many stand-up comedians. Also, some of the clubs are free. Some of the most popular Stand-Up clubs in London are Up the Creek, Top Secret, Stand-Up Club, Soho, and many more.

8. Museum Tours

There are a few days during the week, where many museums are open through the night. This is especially good if you are annoyed by the crowd, which is present during most of the daytime. By visiting museums at night, you can peacefully enjoy art, history, poetry, and many more. The most popular museums are the Tate Museum of modern art, Science Museum, National Gallery, Transport Museum, and more. Most of these museums are offering you various events, even through the night.

9. Theatreland


If you are a fan of a good performance, the west side of London has a part known as Theatreland, where you can enjoy various shows, musicals, comedy, and many more. Most of them, like Soho Theatre, is working until midnight, which is great to start your adventure of exploring this amazing city during the night. Besides theatres, you could also enjoy in most recent movie titles, while enjoying comfortable seats, or even a bar in some of them, like in Curzon Cinema.

10. Go on a Walking Tour

While London is always crowded during the day, maybe the best time to see the best of it in the smallest details is to take a walking tour during the night. We recommend you to walk through some backstreets besides the great boulevards. The most popular part of the down for night walks in East London.

11. Shopping


While most of the shopping malls close until 10 pm, they are still a great way to start your adventure in London, by buying some clothes or any other stuff. There are streets like Oxford Street, which is full of shops and boutiques, where you can find clothes from the most popular brands. Also, there are massive shopping walls like White City and Westfield Stratford.

12. Piccadilly Circus


From numerous attractions that you can see in London, we also must mention the Piccadilly Circus, that is amusing visitors for more than a whole century, with its light show. This circus is famous for being the first one that presented electric light in public. The commercials seen on the massive screen are looking amazing.

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