Nia Jax Leaving The WWE?


There have been a lot of reports about some of the WWE Superstars possibly leaving the company over the past couple of days. We know that Neville and the company are in a tough spot right now as King of the Cruiserweights wants out since he is not satisfied with some of the booking decisions from the writers of the show. Recently we could hear stories suggesting that Nia Jax is the next one to go as she has been granted a leave of absence.

According to the sources closest to the situation, Nia Jax is not leaving. It seems that she has been through a lot over the past couple of weeks and that this girl just couldn’t perform to the level that she is expected to. That is why she has been granted a leave of absence. Her best friend on the WWE roster Alexa Bliss recently spoke about the situation and why she hasn’t been on television.


“We have talked about it a lot. Whatever she is going through, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a leave of absence. She’s taking some time off because our schedule is very grueling. It’s very, very demanding. There are times where you are run down and your body can’t do it anymore and you get sick or you get injured from it and you get tired.”

Bliss also explained that she also took some time off while she was down in the NXT but that the fans really didn’t know about it. Now, when the public knows about Nia Jax since she is one of the women that WWE wants to push on Raw, the story around it is created and people are quick to overreact.