NHL Betting Systems and Strategies – 2023 Guide


We all know how entertaining hockey can be. It is not a secret that this sport is not equally popular in all parts of the world. Yet, some of the biggest countries in the world have a huge base of hockey fans. This especially includes countries like the USA, Canada, Russia, etc.

However, the most popular league in the world is the NHL without any doubt. People that are not following this sport have heard about the NHL. This fact doesn’t need to surprise us because it is the most powerful league in the world.

Still, the number of NHL fans is not the only impressive thing. There is also a huge number of people that actively gamble on NHL. Let’s compare this with football/soccer. The Premier League and La Liga are the two strongest leagues in the world. Many gamblers follow these two leagues actively and they place a bet on a certain team each week. Well, things are the same when we talk about the NHL.


Many bookmaking websites are following this trend. Because of that, they prepare a wide range of offers for each match. For example, on websites like nhl-odds.nu you can find these offers every single week.

Anyway, you won’t be able to make money each time. This is not something we would want to guarantee you. Yet, we would want to use this article to make things clear. If you want to learn how to bet on hockey, then our guidelines will help you with that.

Single Game NHL Bets

Okay, we will start from the very beginning. The first bets you will place are moneyline bets, puck line bets, and total bets. It is important to know that all of these three types of bets require you to wager on the outcome of a single game. This is the best way to start as a beginner and learn how to bet.

We do not want to say that you will become rich thanks to this method. However, after you understand the strategies and systems, things will be much easier.

Betting the Puck Line

Have you ever placed a bet on the run line in baseball? Well, the puck line is directly connected with this sort of betting. Many people will tell you that the puck line is referred to as NHL spread betting or hockey point spread betting.

This way of betting can be interesting for beginners. For example, let’s say you are not following NHL games actively. Then, it would be tough to bet on an outright loser or winner. However, this offer can make things easier. You will bet on a favorite that must wean with a certain number of goals. On the contrary, if you bet on an underdog, then they mustn’t lose by a certain number of the goals.

Betting the NHL Moneyline


The most popular type of betting is Moneyline without any doubt. Well, we do not recommend this betting system to beginners. It needs to take the time to understand how everything works. It doesn’t mean that the favorite is always going to win. That also means that you should not place huger bets.

Well, if you are a complete newbie, there is one thing you should know. When you see a “+” sign next to the team’s Moneyline number, then you are looking at the underdog. On the other hand, if there is a “-“sign next to the team’s Moneyline number, then you are looking at the favorite. Thanks to these marks, you can calculate your potential payout.

However, things can be complicated when both teams have a “-“ sign net to their Moneyline number. For example, you will see 2 marks like “-105” and “-120”. In that case, the one that has the smaller number is the favorite.

Finally, positive and negative money lines indicate how much money you will earn. A positive one shows how much you would win after placing a bet of $100. The negative one shows how much money you need to “invest” to get $100.

Totals Betting

Here we come to the third type of betting that is also one of the most popular. Formally, this type of bet is called Totals Betting. However, do not get surprised if someone tells you over/under betting. This is the phrase that most gamblers use.

Over/under betting is something we suggest to complete newbies. You do not know the forms of the team. However, you can check the previous games and see how many goals they scored each game. You are betting on the total score of both teams combined. More precisely, you will try to predict if the total score is going to be over or under a current number. In most cases, this number is 5.5. This means that you need to predict if there will be more or less than 6 goals in one game.

One more thing that you will see is the odds. It may sound strange to you, but odds will always be the same for both options. It won’t matter if you play over or under. When you look closer, there are equal chances that both situations happen. This probably makes this betting option even more entertaining.

Multiple Game Bets

Well, things might be more difficult when more than one game is involved. However, the more games you play, your payout will be higher. Logically, the risk is also bigger. The newbies need to understand that they need to predict all the games correctly. Only in that way can you get your money.

NHL Prop Bets


The prop betting (propositional betting is the full name) is probably the most entertaining type of bet. The gamblers will have the chance to place a bet on specific players and events within the game. Of course, the options that you will have are different from a sportsbook to a sportsbook. However, there are some of the most common that we would like to highlight.

For example, you can bet on who will score the first goal in the game. Despite that, the more interesting option is to try to predict which player is going to score the goal. You will see, the number of options is huge. However, we suggest this type of betting to more experienced gamblers.