NFC Playoff Picture After Week 13


In the AFC, we have Kansas City and the Denver Broncos that are almost a lock to make it to the postseason as two wild card teams. Things are a bit different in the NFC where both spots are still open. Some divisions are still undecided. Let’s take a look at NFC’s Playoff Picture after Week 13.

Dallas Cowboys have already booked their Playoff spot. Steelers maybe even secured their division title as the Giants now need their big collapse in order to win the title. Dallas is going to the Playoffs, while Giants sit at 5th with an 8-4 record and first wild card spot. Redskins still have a shot at the wild card spot but are in the hunt as of right now.

Atlanta Falcons lost in heartbreaking fashion to the KC Chiefs. They took the two-point conversion to the house, Tampa won in San Diego, and now Bucs and Falcons are tied. Atlanta has the tiebreaker advantage while the Bucs are 6th now.

Detroit Lions are leading the NFC North with an 8-4 record while the Packers and Vikings are still in the hunt, both out of the Playoff picture but can still win the division or catch the Bucs and Giants.

Seattle Seahawks will be the second seed in the NFC Playoffs while no other teams from that division that are going to book a postseason sort. Arizona is 5-6-1 and their season is most likely done. They had too many setbacks this year, so their win against the Redskins is just for their fans.