Next Gen Jeep Wrangler exposed at FCA Dealer Meeting


Lately, we have been fortunate thanks to a quick-on-his-fingers source that brought us leaked pictures of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer from the FCA Dealers meeting. Here we have the second part of as another leak has happened, we are getting more images from the same meeting, only this time it is all about next-gen Jeep Wrangler. This was to be expected because the days of the ongoing Wrangler are numbered, and the Jeep has for some time now been preparing for the unveil of its successor.

Since the next generation Wrangler is set to arrive sometime next year, of course, that there have been a lot of speculations regarding its look, body style, and technology but the leaked images definitely display a very familiar and bellowed face. Jeep is keen on keeping the things that define a Wrangler, and those are rugged design and his characteristics with slight updates. All that while under the skin it will be hardly recognized. This means that we all can expect it to retain its utilitarian boxy look, body on frame construction and its well known solid axles both in front and back.

From the images, you can see that the next gen is receiving LED elements at its front and back, as well as a nice touch with daytime running lights on front fenders. One more thing is apparent, and that is the fact that it will receive a slightly larger and curvier windshield, which will probably result in a nonexisting folding down front window. The powertrains of the next generation Wrangler are expected to be more efficient and to help with that it will receive a new fuel saving eight-speed automatic transmission as well. Sadly additional info is nonexistent, so we must restrain from guessing and speculating. We will, like everybody else, have to wait and see what will resurface from Jeep in following months.