Who Is The Next Challenger For The WWE Title?


With Bray Wyatt likely moving to Monday Night Raw and with the fact that WWE title is likely going to be defended on Payback, a Raw branded PPV, it seems that Randy Orton is going to win the match against Wyatt and win the feud. All of this also means that when it comes to Backlash, a first Smackdown branded PPV after Mania, we are going to have a new challenger for the WWE title.

AJ Styles is likely going to be in a feud for the US Title with Kevin Owens and that is fine. These two are going to have a great feud that is going to end up being one of the best of the year. Matches are going to be exciting, so we can’t really complain much about AJ not being in the WWE title picture. This duel is even rumored to be happening at the Backlash PPV, so these two are good to go.


As far as the WWE title is concerned, with Bray losing and moving to Raw, there is going to be a spot for a new challenger. Nakamura will likely be in a programming with Dolph Ziggler, so that means he is not going to be the one challenging Orton. Cena is out for a while, and even if this guy was available, the company wouldn’t book another Orton vs. Cena match.


According to rumors, the next challenger for the WWE Championship is going to be The Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin. They have been building him up nicely as a dominant heel on the blue brand. A lot of people were expecting him to be in the title race by the end of the year, but it looks like we will have Corbin chasing the title sooner rather than later.