Can BlackBerry Sustain Momentum

Last week, BlackBerry (BBRY) shocked Wall Street and reported an unexpected profitable fourth-quarter....Where do we go from here? it seems there's a lot more to BlackBerry than just the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.

Will the Apple iTV Make the Same Impact as the iPhone and iPad

Apple iTV is rumored to be launched this year, Steve Jobs wanted to create an integrated TV with the simplest user interface, will Apple succeed in making a TV that will have the same impact as the iPhone and iPad?

Using Near Field Communication (NFC) Beyond Mobile Payments

The first thing people think of when they hear the word NFC is mobile payments and Google Wallet. Granted Google has done a great job of marketing their Wallet, but mobile payments is a fraction of what NFC can do.

RIM Poised to Make a Strong Comeback

There seem to be enough similarities between Apple's situation back in 1996 and RIM's situation now. Back in 1996, Apple was hitting all time low and was diving hard towards bankruptcy.

Investing in wireless telecommunications infrastructure

Let's start with some quick statistics. According to the International Telecommunication Union, by end of 2011, total wireless subscriptions reached almost 6 billion which is about 86% global penetration. By other sources, the number...

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