New Study Reveals Shocking Correlation Between Biking and a Longer Lifespan


A recent study examining mobility patterns of 50,000 Dutch people concludes that every hour spent biking adds an hour to your lifespan.

To avoid the perils of the modern sedentary lifestyle, doctors suggest fitting in at least 20 minutes of physical exercise every day. Biking has long since been associated with a happier and healthier life as it not only provides a budget-friendly way to commute but also a daily workout for people who can’t seem to get the time for it. Just half an hour of biking at a moderate speed is known to burn up to 298 calories.

While it is obvious that being more physically active in your daily life can result in serious health benefits, biking takes it a step further and literally helps you live longer.

Biking Prevents approximately 6.5 thousand deaths in the Netherlands Each Year

A study conducted by Netherlands’ Utrecht University examined mobility patterns of Dutch people and results provide remarkable statistics in the favor of cyclists.

The study was conducted using data from 50,000 Dutch people which was fed into the World Health Organization’s new Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT). Results from the assessment revealed that the average Dutch person who cycles 75 minutes per week, lives six months longer than a non-cyclist.  The study further found that biking prevents 6.5 thousand deaths in the Netherlands each year and has a direct correlation with the average lifespan of people.

So, whether they are normal bikes or electric bikes adults who do any form of biking on a daily basis have higher chances of living longer – click here for more details.

Biking towards a Longer Life

There is a wealth of data correlating biking to a healthier and longer lifespan. Previous research carried out by the University of Glasgow revealed that people who bike to work are 45% less likely to develop cancer and 40% less likely to die early. This, in conjunction with the fact that every minute you spend biking is added to your lifespan, makes biking the ultimate outdoor activity.

The findings of this study not only prove the many benefits of biking but are also encouraging cycling advocates all around the world to demand improvement of cycling measures for a healthier future. Creating better cycling paths, forming safety measures for cyclists on the road and holding the Netherlands as a benchmark can lead to a higher percentage of people living healthy lives, spending less and being more environmentally conscious. So, don’t let your cycle collect dust in your garage and start biking towards a longer life now.