The most famous alter life simulation The Sims 4 is releasing a new update for its game and in that update, Jasmine Holiday is returning for the Day of The Dead challenge that will last from October 4th to November 4th.

The goal of this latest special holiday challenge from game maker Maxis is to complete/fill the Sugar Skull Display Case. Your task is to roam around neighborhood and chat with other Day of the Dead celebrators to collect the Sugar Skulls. To receive the gift of “Honor the Dead” interaction, you will have to complete your Skull Display with all 10 of Sugar Skulls.

This is something that the true Sims 4 fan shouldn’t miss out on. Apparently, when you unlock the “Honor the Dead” you will immediately unlock the option to interact with the Grim Reaper. Instead of being sad and mopey the next day your Sim will have the opportunity to increase its relationship level with the Reaper which will give it an advantage when pleading your case to the Grim Reaper for another Sim’s life. “Honor the Dead” interaction will be available to anyone once the challenge is completed but you will lose your Sugar Skull display.

Among the things that I previously mentioned you and your Sim will be awarded by some really cool Day of the Dead inspired clothing. You will also have at your disposal a few objects that you can decorate and some mysterious interactions, but we do not know yet what because the Maxis team is keeping it a secret. If you followed last week’s updates, you could see one of the mysterious interactions revealed according to The Sims Community. Apparently, if you have visited the grave of your loved one at night you could see the option to “Leave Sugar Skull offering.” After that, the grave glows, and a notification says “the ancestors have heard your call and sent a Day of the Dead celebrator to roam the neighborhood.” An NPC in a costume appears and you can ask him or her for a Sugar Skull.

Like most challenges so far, you will have to first find Jasmine Holiday and ask her about the Day of the Dead challenge, or you could also summon her by calling her on your Sim’s cell phone, after which she will appear on your lot.


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