One of the most popular and highly anticipated SUVs 2018 Jeep Wrangler is definitely taking its time, and it is playing with the last of our patience that is very near its end. These renderings and sightings aren’t helping as well. Although they are made to entertain us until it arrives, every one of those that we see makes us even more eager and even more nervous. This is, or will be the case with the renderings we have for you today. Here we have a two-door Sport and Rubicon model renderings that look extraordinary, with the lack of a better word.

As it is reported so much, the exterior changes are very subtle but are very visible when you stack the 2018 model against the series before. From the back to front we have a lot nicer taillights that are now hourglass-shape LEDs, a slightly stylish but still rugged fender flares and a nicely angled and refreshed front grille. Underneath is the bumper that houses the fog lights with white LEDs, and we have the same in the front headlights. All of this you see are just renderings and pure guessing (although based on some verified information), and the final product might not look like this, but we hope it will come pretty close.

According to some previous info, the 2018 Wrangler should make its official debut later this year at the LA Auto Show, and its sales should start sometime near the end of this year or eventually very early 2018. The rendered two-door variant you see here will come a little bit later, possibly mid-2018. An interesting fact is that the production of the 2018 model will overlap with the 2017 model, but only for a few months until the 2017 version is pulled entirely from the production. Another interesting thing is that both the new Wrangler and the new Ram 1500 pickup will have the same aluminum-intensive platform underneath.

As far as engines are considered the 2018 Wrangler will be powered by two different units – a 2.0 L turbocharged four-pot that will produce around 300 horsepower and a more powerful 3.6 L V6 and both of them will be paired to either a six-speed manual or a new eight-speed automatic. There is also a third unit, but so far that is only a rumor, and it might be a 3.0 L turbodiesel unit planned for the Scrambler Pickup. The things that will remain the same on this Wrangler like on all JLs before it is the three-piece removable roof (available at launch) while some new things will be added to it including tech solutions and updates for the interior that were much needed and awaited.