New Orleans Saints Stun Seahawks In Exciting Finish


New Orleans Saints can beat anyone on any given night on their own turf. They are one of the best home teams in the last decade, so this win is a bit surprising, but not a lot. Saints can bring it to everybody in Superdome, and they proved it once again, this time against the Seahawks.

Seattle is a few man down on the defensive side of the ball, but still, they should have won this game. Their defense is historically bad, and ‘Hawks offense needed to exploit that.

Wilson is playing hurt, and we need to give him props for that. He did have a decent day, but nothing that will pop your eyes when you see it. A game with 253 passing yards is a good one, but it just wasn’t good enough for the Seahawks this time around.

Drew Brees was just a bit better than Wilson with 265 passing yards and one touchdown toss. Tim Hightower was the man for New Orleans as he ran for 102 yards in Saints’ win.

Wilson had a chance to win it at the end, but Jermaine Kearse just couldn’t catch the ball on 4th down as time expired. After that tie in Arizona, this loss doesn’t hurt the Seahawks nearly as much as it could have if they had lost that game.

Arizona also dropped a game in Carolina, so Seahawks are still comfortably sitting at the top of the NFC West. They really deserve that place, and it’s a shame because they didn’t win this match as they could have created an even bigger advantage in rankings.