New Matrix Movie rumor sparks off debates!


In the previous years, we could catch some speculations and rumors when it comes to a movie based on ‘The Matrix.’ We could hear that the idea is there, basic story concepts are to be pondered but nothing else, nothing concrete. However, recently the rumor has been going around that Warner Bros. approached writer Zak Penn to write a possibly new Matrix franchise movie scenario. There were several sources but the most prominent one that confirms this is ‘The Hollywood Reporter.’

The sole idea of the movie is still in its early days. Other than the news of Zak Penn writing a scenario for the possible film, we don’t have any other concrete piece of information. However, one name stood out in rumors about the cast. Leading man should be Michael B. Jordan who you know from ‘Creed,’ a movie about the uprising boxing star. When it comes to the story of the new movie we still don’t know whether they will attempt to reboot the universe again or just create a new sequel in the same world.


Wachowski duo, Lana and Lilly still have nothing to do with the new movie; they are not involved as of yet. It is a bit odd that the creators of the original trilogy were not approached considering the popularity of the movies and ingenious work and ideas that these two have put in. Another ‘disappointment’ comes from the fact that previous Neo, Keanu Reeves, also isn’t involved with the new movie. A man whose fame stems from his role of an ordinary guy who discovers that world is nothing but a computer simulation created by machines to keep us distracted while they milk us for the energy. All of that combined with special effects which were back then the last word of technology and martial arts created a hit that gave birth to two sequels ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Revolutions.’ So again, we exclaim our discontent with the fact that Lana and Lilly aren’t involved with the new movie. We feel that they at least, shouldn’t be left out. And you know what Keanu said, if these two are on board, he might be as well.

Currently, numerous options are considered when it comes to story, we don’t even know whether there will be a movie, but that’s only because they are considering a TV series that revolves around Matrix. We have some facts and reliable rumors that created the hype, and we just had to share it with you. Until we get some updates, stay tuned and be patient.