New Major Championship Storyline On Smackdown Live


One of the most interesting things on Smackdown Live was Daniel Bryan coming out and making this eight-men US Championship tournament to determine who is going to be the next title holder. He stated that he couldn’t reach Dolph Ziggler as it appears that he really did drop his title. It’s an interesting story that is going to continue developing over the next couple of weeks.

It’s a nice thing that WWE finally has planned a tournament to decide something. That sports-like feel to a storyline is always a nice touch. Now, there are going to be eight men competing for this belt over the next few weeks.

Last night on Smackdown Live we got the first two matches and two Superstars that are going to Semifinals. In the first clash, we have seen Bobby Roode defeat Baron Corbin. Even though both of these guys do deserve to be in the tournament, WWE made the right call by having Roode go over.

They could have still had Corbin advance at least to the Semifinals and then be eliminated, but it is what it is, maybe they have something planned for the Lone Wolf going forward.

In the second duel of the tournament, we have had the sighting of Tye Dillinger. The Perfect Ten finally showed up and had a match, but we knew that there is no way that he was going to go over The Modern Day Maharaja. In the end, Jinder Mahal got the win and is looking better each and every week.

If we were to predict what is going to happen in this tournament, right now it looks like Mahal and Roode will fight in the finals. It’s going to be interesting to see if WWE puts Rusev in this tournament. That could do a lot for The Bulgarian Brute who is scorching hot as of late.