New iPhone 8 Leak: New Information Revealed!


It seems like this year has been a pretty tough one for Apple when it comes to leaks and unwanted revelations about their devices. And just as if all of that wasn’t enough case maker Nodus recently leaked an image discovering iPhone 8 design. From those photos, it seems that the iPhone 8 design fits the description of the late stage prototype device. It all looks fine, and the upcoming phone looks really futuristic, however, we couldn’t help but notice one rather strange thing.

Before we put our focus on the problem, let’s say a few words about Nodus since they are to be praised for the design concepts of the upcoming device. Nodus has established such a good level of confidence with its iPhone 8 sources that they have already finalized their commercial cases and these can be seen with actual renders! Thanks to them we can all see what the upcoming iPhone will look like.


These cases come in various forms, and we can safely say that Nodus has a range of cases prepared for the iPhone 8. As you can see in the images below, there are two versions of the case. The first one is called the ‘Access Case’ and the second one is the ‘Shell Case.’ The latter is yet to arrive, it hasn’t even appeared on the company’s website. Both these cases are presented with the iPhone 8 in them. You can clearly see the 5.8-inch display with its new OLED panel. You can also notice how the new iPhone is almost bezel-less.

When it comes to the Shell Case, you might be wondering why it is hanging on the wall in this photo here. That is due to the case’s ‘Magsure Micro Doc’ and the company will ship their cases with it, have no worries. Your device can be stuck to any surface, and the phone will hold to it magnetically. There is little to no chance of your phone falling off.


Now that we have said a few words about Nodus let’s look into this potential problem of the iPhone 8. Even though these images look really authentic and it is likely that the new iPhone will look like the device shown on them, just like us, Nodus doesn’t officially know what the final product will look like. They can only predict, and their predictions are really good. But there is one gamble here, and it could prove to be a huge one. Nodus believes that Apple ditched the Touch ID on the iPhone 8. That might not be so good a gamble since it has been noticed that the power button has been enlarged. There have been rumors claiming how the Touch ID button can be enabled through a software upgrade that would come out later, but that just doesn’t cut it. That just doesn’t look like Apple at all.

On the other hand, if the Touch ID feature really gets the bin everyone will expect huge things from Apple because there have been rumors about the ‘Face ID’ feature. The ‘Face ID’ is facial recognition software that is meant to replace the Touch ID completely. It would be quite difficult to assure customers that the removal of the Touch ID is a good thing and that Face ID can be even better than the Touch ID. We can see why there could be some serious problems since there are so many conspiracy theorists out and about nowadays.


We think that the removal of the Touch ID wasn’t planned. It just came as a necessity because of the larger bezel-less screen. However, Apple can maybe still integrate the Touch ID and keep that huge OLED display, we cannot know for sure. The whole drama about this Touch ID feature has led to huge iPhone 8 production delays, and we believe that there won’t be many devices available to buy at launch.

It doesn’t matter really whether Apple includes the Touch ID on the list of features on their upcoming device. Fast charging, wireless charging and the new arrangement of the dual camera should be enough to make the iPhone 8 an attractive device this Christmas. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to take out a loan to buy it…