New Features of Samsung Gear VR: Coming Soon


Samsung has been popping in the headlines of technology news since releasing the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Nonetheless, we are focused on the story about the intentions of the company to present the newest version of the Samsung Gear VR with several integrated novelties.

Based on the reports, we can expect Samsung Gear VR in stores on April 21 and with the price of $129, including the controller. Supposing that the users already have the headset, they can buy only the controller for $39. However, we shall see how everything will unfold once the device is on the market. The competition is fierce, because as we all know technology advances day after day. Now we will list some of the new features and specifications that could make this headset stand out in the sea of other similar products.

The South Korean tech giant has announced that a lot of improvements have been made so as to intensify the users’ experience. The most dominant update is the resolution of the inside lens. In addition to that, the headset is now supplied with new technology for correcting distortion, which prevents motion sickness.


The controller is the best feature of this new release. Oculus has modeled the design of the controller with a touchpad that you can click and control with your thumb. Having acknowledged all of these new updates, it is yet to be seen what will happen when the device hits the market. It is certain that other VR headsets (such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) that are one of the dominant ones in the market will have some concerns once this gadget finally comes out. We will see whether other companies will try to keep up with Samsung and make a headset with the same or similar features, or they will try to step it up and make an even more advanced device.