New Cowboys Quarterback Will Compete For The Job


Nobody really made a lot of noise when the Dallas Cowboys announced the signing of the quarterback Luke McCown this past Friday night. You can say that he is a journeyman in the NFL as he has been on six NFL teams since he entered the league back in 2004. That means that he is a 14-year veteran who is going to be competing for the backup position during this NFL training camp.

His last start came back in 2015 when he was a member of the New Orleans Saints. They were going up against the NFC Champions at the time, the Carolina Panthers, and he had a quite good performance against one of the best defenses in the NFL. Even though he didn’t throw for a touchdown in that game, he had only one interception and 315 passing yards on 31 completed passes out of 38 pass attempts. Not a bad stat sheet for a guy that is going to be a replacement on the Dallas Cowboys, if he indeed makes a roster.

Something that his former coach Sean Payton loved about him is the fact that he really needs a minimal amount reps in the practice in order to catch up with the game plan. That is a great thing since the injuries are sudden and the team has only a week to prepare the backup if the starter gets hurt. Here is what McCown thinks about him making the roster.

“I have two legs too, you know’ I’m coming in with competition on my mind. As the elder statesman in the room – by a lot – try and help those guys along with the experience I have in various offenses.”