Since the hype about the new Bronco started, it seems that everybody is talking just about that. Especially impatient are the biggest fans and enthusiasts to whom 2022 can’t get here soon enough. To ease their pain and let them feast their eyes on something truly beautiful, we have a restoration/resto-mod of a 1976 Bronco right here.

We made a couple of articles, a while back, about Velocity Restorations and their incredible work on Bronco vehicles, who besides this model also participate in a few other car and truck restoration projects. According to them, the Bronco is one of the cooler projects that they have taken on. The restored SUV you see in the pictures below is sporting a 5.0 L V8 borrowed from the Ford Mustang GT which has been hand fitted with Velocity Restorations’ own billet aluminum pulley and accessory system (allows the potential customer to enjoy further customization if seen fit). Besides the engine they have re-done a couple of other things and, in their own fashion, they did it in a mix of old VS new.

Inside the Bronco you will see the interior finished with modern materials, but they managed to balance the new by keeping the style in its classic feel. It is actually an awesome vehicle both inside and out plus it doesn’t feel overly retro. The balance they managed to make kept all the original heart and soul of the bellowed classic with a few bits and pieces to make it fit for today.

As always, every single component put into this Bronco was both hand-picked and hand-assembled at the company’s facility. If you care about the price, care no more it is set to $179,900. We will all agree that it is not that cheap, but for someone looking for a bond between classic looks and modern thrills, this is the answer. Look no further you have found it, just prepare your checkbook!

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My name is Miloš Kalajdžić and I come from Brčko DC in Bosnia. I was born on July 20 th 1988 and so far I obtained a BSc in economics and one year of working experience in my field of study. I am a very hard-working person who leaves nothing unfinished and halfway done. When I commit to something I give my best to make sure that everything is done the way as it is supposed to be. I like cars and everything that comes with them. My passion are American muscle cars, but unfortunately the closest I managed to come near one is behind my laptop watching an image of the new Chevy or Dodge and writing about it. But that’s ok I’m still optimistic. When I’m not behind the laptop writing I’m on the streets and auto shows admiring all stuff rolling on four wheels being propelled by a petrol engine!