6 Entrepreneurs Paving the Way in Neurological Disorder Treatment Research


The neurotechnology market is growing rapidly and many investors are shifting their focus towards the sector. Prominent entrepreneurs like Eugene Melnyk are already on a mission to research and develop treatments and therapies for neurological disorders.

Today, thousands of researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs have invested their time and money in neurological disorder treatment research. However, we’ll only look at a few top entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions in the research.

Entrepreneurs Investing in Neurological Disorder Treatment Research

According to the United Nations, about one in six of the world’s population are suffering from neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. Notably, entrepreneurs and innovators have joined hands to research and develop treatments for such conditions.

Here are the men and women investing in neurological disorder treatment research.

1. Eugene Melnyk


Eugene Melnyk is a Canadian entrepreneur, sports enthusiast, and investor who have invested in a vast range of businesses. He is the owner of Neurolign Technologies, a medical device firm specializing in the diagnosis of neurological disorders.

Melnyk has been the company’s chairman and CEO since 2018 when he acquired it. He then renamed it to Neurolign Technologies in 2019. With Melnyk’s record of success in business management, he has contributed significantly to the company’s growth.

Neurolign utilizes a combination of high-precision gadgets and delivery technologies to establish a revolutionary approach to screening and treatment of neurological disorders. Get more info about Neurolign’s devices and neurological therapies in Melnyk’s website.

Besides owning Neurolign, Eugene Melnyk is the current owner of the National Hockey League’s (NHL’s) Ottawa Senators. He purchased the team in 2003, and since then, it has recorded incredible results. Learn more about Melnyk’s plans for his NHL team.

2. John Crowley


The chairman and chief executive officer of Amicus Therapeutics, John Crowley, has contributed significantly to the neurological disorder treatment research. He has grown Amicus’ workforce from four employees to over 500 under his tenure at the company.

Amicus Therapeutics is an American biopharmaceutical company focused on enzyme replacement therapies and pharmacological chaperones. Crowley has worked in the company for over 15 years and is now celebrating over 20 years in the biotech space.

Crowley’s two kids got diagnosed with Pompe disease, a rare and fatal neuromuscular disorder, motivating him to advance his career in medical research. To find cure, he co-founded Novazyme Pharmaceuticals, a company focusing on Pompe disease research.

An award-winning journalist, Geeta Anand, has celebrated Crowley in one of her books, “The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million-And Bucked the Medical Establishment-In a Quest to Save His Children.” Notably, Crowley is also Orexigen Therapeutics’ CEO.

3. Vivek Ramaswamy


Ramaswamy is an American entrepreneur who has invested heavily in the biotech space. He is the founder of Roivant Sciences, a biopharma company focused on using technology to develop drugs for various diseases, including neurological disorders.

Ramaswamy is the current chairman and chief executive officer at Roivant Sciences. Under his leadership, Ramaswamy has helped the company achieve its mission, which is to improve healthcare delivery to patients by treating inefficiencies as an opportunity.

Besides working at Roivant Sciences, Ramaswamy founded the New-York City based Axovant Gene Therapies, now known as Sio Gene Therapies. The biopharma company debvelops therapies to treat neurological disorders, like Parkinson’s disease.

Ramaswamy also served as a member of the Board of Directors at Myovant Sciences, a subsidiary of Roivant Sciences, focused on treating endocrine-related disorders. In 2024, he was on Ohio’s Covid-19 Response Team to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

4. Noor Shaker


Noor Shaker, a Syrian entrepreneur and computer scientists, co-founded Glamorous AI, an Artificial Intelligence for drug discovery. The company integrates experts’ knowledge with advanced ML to facilitate rapid discovery of chemical entities of desired properties.

With Noor’s successful academic record in AI, she founded GTN (Generative Tensorial Networks) to apply her knowledge into the field of drug discovery. Together with her co-founder, they aim to screen big amounts of possible drugs through quantum computing.

The technology that the GTN is building could significantly reduce the time and money taken to develop a new drug. The firm is also working towards developing medicines that could cross the brain blood barrier and treat neurodegenerative diseases.

Notably, Noor has received several accolades and awards, including getting named the “Rising Star.” She also got featured in BioBeat’s list of 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness. Representing the company, she won the CogX UK Rising Star Award.

5. Rogerio Vivaldi


Vivaldi is the chief executive officer of Sigilon Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical firm focused on the discovery and development of immune-privileged living therapeutics. He has been Sigilon’s CEO since 2018, and the firm has achieved a lot under his tenure.

Spearheaded by Vivaldi, Sigilon has succeeded in finding treatment for chronic illnesses and diseases like hemophilia. His commercial and therapeutic expertise he has built for more than 25 years makes him a valuable employee at Sigilon Therapeutics.

Vivaldi understands various therapeutic modalities and drug development practices, and he has worked in many pharmaceutical companies. Before joining Sigilon, he was the CEO of Minerva Neurosciences, a firm focusing on treating neuropsychiatric diseases.

Notably, Vivaldi was also an employee at Spark Therapeutics where he commercialized the company’s products. He takes his work seriously and has helped many therapeutic companies find treatment for neurological diseases.

6. Erich Mohr

Mohr is the chairman and chief executive officer of MedGenesis Therapeutix, which he founded in 2005. Mohr was a professor of medicine at the University of Ottawa before founding MedGenesis. Notably, he’s credited with more than 150 publications.

With more than 27 years of experience in experimental therapeutics of CNS disorders, Mohr has a proven record of success in neurological disorder treatment research. His biopharma company, MedGenesis, has developed several biotech innovations.

MedGenesis develops and commercializes highly innovative treatments for patients suffering from serious neurological diseases. Glial cell-line derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF), a disease modifying treatment for Parkinson’s disease, is its lead program.

Final Words

Eugene Melnyk, John Crowley, and Noor Shaker are some of the top entrepreneurs who have invested heavily in neurological disorder treatment research. Their input and innovations have transformed the biotech space, making it easy to diagnose and treat patients suffering from serious neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease.