Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Launches Redesigned Website


Earlier this week, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) launched its newly designed streaming website, moving away from the older that had some unattractive features.

The streaming company decided to make a new website that will be more appealing to subscribers. To achieve this, the company had to abandon the carousel browsing, thus moving towards a faster click-based browsing system from the slow side scrolling feature.

The shift introduces a faster experience thus getting rid of the annoyingly slow pace in the previous website. Clicking on the arrows will make the entire row refresh rather than having to watch the titles slowly move on the screen.

In the previous website design, episodes would start loading as soon as users clicked on the titles. During the loading process, it would display a summary of the information if users wanted to access further details about a particular episode, they would have to hover the pointer over the title without clicking on it. This system was not as refined or precise as users preferred.

The new design has catered for all the flaws or the unattractive features in the first edition. Rather than loading the titles once users click on them, the new website provides options for the users. Here they can select the option to read the information or to play the film or show.

The arrows have been redesigned such that they expand to give users other episode options in the series. Additionally users can have more options such as reading about the cast, viewing related articles or read a plot overview.

Overall the new interface is meant to improve the user experience by making it more convenient user-friendly and though. The new website interface was first piloted over a small demography in the past few months. Netflix has now started to introduce it to more users. The company announced that it will continue to make the new interface available to more users by the end of June.