Nashville Season 5 Premiere Date Confirmed


Having ended the previous season with a cliffhanger, the producers of the popular musical drama now reveal some of the Nashville Season 5 updates. First of all, Will Chase is going to reappear in the new season in his role of Luke Wheeler, even though he hasn’t been the series regular for some time. Chase is now one of the cast members of the upcoming science fiction drama Time After Time set to debut on ABC in 2017. Nevertheless, he has also announced that he is highly enthusiastic about his return to Nashville.

The news about Chase’s return was revealed by his co-star Chris Carmack (Will Lexington) who posted a behind-the-scene photo with Chase, adding he also thought that it was good to have Rayna’s former fiancé back in the show.

Furthermore, bearing in mind actors’ shared feeling of pleasure and excitement about filming the new season, we may as well presume that the characters they play will get along better than they used to in previous episodes. Such a presumption is also supported by the fact that we are going to see Will opening for Luke in the concert in the upcoming season. Yet again, all of this might be nothing more than guessing, so don’t miss the new season so as to find out what is going to happen between these two.

Finally, attention will be paid to Will’s relationship with Kevin (played by Kyle Dean Massey). We all know about the two of them reuniting at the end of the previous season, but now they are likely to remain in a long-term relationship and even take it to the next level, TV Guide has reported. However, it has also been said that there will be some bumps along the way the happy couple is going to encounter.

Release date

Nashville Season 5 air date is set for January 5, 2017, on CMT.