Name ring as a sign of endless love

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Nowadays it becomes harder and harder to express your uniqueness through things you possess, hold and wear. With the fast development of the mass market, we all start looking exactly the same. That is why we are all craving for things that make us outstanding and special. Customized jewelry is definitely a solution.  Engraving your name or the name of your beloved one in the necklace, bracelet or ring will help you express your inner self and share something unique with people around you. Even though the easiest way is to buy a name ring for yourself and engrave your own name in it, we believe that you can make it even more personal and intimate… if you include another person in it.

It can be your mother, sister, friend or your partner. Exchanging name rings with your beloved ones will be an exclusive gift that they will remember.

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If your mother has a birthday soon and you are still thinking of a present that will make her happy, get a name ring for her. She would really appreciate having the name of her child on her jewelry. It is even better if you are not the only child, as the new trend is to combine several thin rings on one finger. If you have a sister, for instance, you can surprise your mother by presenting her double name ring (or two thin separate rings) with names of her most beloved children.

Another idea is to exchange name rings with one person. In that case, you keep the ring with their name to yourself, and you give the ring with your name to that person.  If you both want to keep a secret and hide your names, you can always choose to match inspirational words for both rings that will represent your feelings.  Apart from the names and code words, there can be geographical coordinates of the places that you have been to together or dates that make sense to both of you. If you both are humble and would prefer to keep it all personal, the name rings can be also engraved from the inside. In that case, there will be only you and your dear person, who will know about the gravure. The most important factor is that your rings will be unique, even if only two of you know about the text hidden inside.

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Once you fall in love with an idea to buy a name ring or an engraved ring, there are still important matters to consider before your purchase. The most important factor is the metal that you choose for your ring. Most of you have preferences in the color of jewelry that you are wearing. Some people adore gold and it reminds them of sunlight.  Not only the yellow color is the reason for this association, but gold is believed to bear the energy of the sun.  Silver, on the contrary, represents the moonlight and carries the moon energy. Those, who believe in different energies, try to choose precious metals accordingly. However, there are people who simply have strong preferences in metal they wear and when choosing the cheap name ring they will have no doubt. Still, if you are opened to trying new metals and colors, consider rose gold as an exclusive substitution to the usual gold and silver jewels.

To clarify this from the beginning, there is no such thing as pure rose gold, as gold from nature can be only one color, which is yellow.  The reason why we see such a high variety of colors of this metal is that yellow gold can be mixed with other metals. Decreasing the silver-colored alloys in yellow gold and increasing the yellow-colored alloys, the jeweler will receive rose gold in the end.  Rose gold is very feminine, so it will suit most likely a tender girl, who has a romantic style in clothes and a warm smile. As for the skin tone, specialists suggest that south-east Asian skin needs a tender touch and this can be reached by wearing rose gold jewelry. We would not recommend rose gold for the couple’s name rings, as most of the men do not like the feminine image of rose gold. If you decide to have matching name rings with your mother, sister or friend, then rose gold will definitely be an exquisite choice.

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If the name rings are intended to become a love sign for you and your partner, it will be difficult to make a choice on the metal yourself. Even choosing the font of the names can be a struggle as your partner might be very picky with color and font of the text on his ring. The best compromise on the metal would be silver. The chances that your partner does not like rings at all are quite high, that is why choosing a silver ring for him would be a wise thing to do as silver looks neutral. This metal is considered to look good on pale skin and it attracts less attention than golden jewels.  Two silver name rings will make a very romantic gift for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.  But what if your boyfriend prefers silver and all the jewelry that you wear is golden? This is definitely not a reason to worry. The solution might sound a little awkward in the beginning, but you won’t regret it. Choose two similar rings, one in silver and another one in gold, and make the same style of gravure. Even if the metals of your rings are different, the style and the message they send will remain the same. When holding your hands, you will see how beautiful the combination of these two metals can be.

As you can see, a name ring can be not just a nice accessory for yourself, but it can be a perfect gift for your beloved ones. No matter, if it is your mother, your friend or your lover, they will be happy to receive such a ring from you. Wearing it, they will also hold a piece of your heart with them. Read more on