Mystery man Jaylon Smith – what can the Dallas Cowboys get out of him?!


Well, our mystery man Jaylon Smith did not have a good time in 2016 season. If you recall he didn’t play a down for the Cowboys as a rookie last year, and he, unfortunately, suffered a severe left knee injury in his final college game at Notre Dame and experienced some nerve damage. Ever since then he has been working hard to regain full use of his left leg after the grueling surgery he had to have. After the injury and a hard recovery he actually still hasn’t fully regenerated and he will probably never will and never will be a 100%. He still suffers from drop foot and has to play wearing a brace. It was a tough period for him without any doubt, we just hope that the future will hold something better.

His 2017 season is shaping to be a bit different. The Cowboys expect Smith to start at middle linebacker and are proceeding as if he’ll be good to go from the opening kickoff. Smith even practiced with his teammates for the first time this entire off-season and thankfully hasn’t experienced any problems along the way. What is the unfortunate thing is the fact that he will probably never fully regain his college form that made him one of the elite prospects in the 2016 draft. Every high ranking representative of Cowboys that made any comment regarding this situation is so far happy and pleased with Smith’s progress, but they are also aware that he hasn’t played a down of football since Jan. 7, 2016.


Position: Linebacker
Size: 6-2, 240
Age when season starts: 22
College: Notre Dame
Drafted: 2nd round in 2016 (No. 34 overall)
Experience: Entering his second season
Contract status: Signed through 2019