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A lot of people are too busy with their routines, jobs, and hobbies throughout the day to go to the gym and workout. However, if most people had a way to work out in their own home, life would get much easier. If you have enough space, and if you think that it won’t take too much space, a home gym can be a good investment. So now you are prepared to build your new gym in your garage or your spare room in the house, but where should you start? We suggest that for a gym, you should focus your exercises on a lot of movement patterns and free weights. With this kind of exercises, we will incorporate both condition and strength while also working n core stabilization and flexibility. This is exactly why we have made a list of all the things you need to have in a gym.


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The exercises you can do with dumbbells are almost endless so they justify the purchase completely. Make sure you search for hex-shaped dumbbells with rubber coating- these can last the most and are probably the most comfortable for workouts. Get 4-5 sets in a range of weight so you can different kinds of exercises as your strength develops.

If you are looking for a good set of dumbbells, then we recommend you check out FormMeFit.


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A lot of people will tell you that kettlebells are not that important. Since many kettlebell movements can be done with a dumbbell. However, some certain kettlebell exercises can be unique and some exercises can be much better or even more challenging than with a dumbbell. We think that kettlebells are a good investment since they can add a variety of exercises in your workout routine. Search for kettlebells without painted coating and smooth handles.

Pull up bar

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Pull up bars are not just for pull-ups. There are several other basic gymnastic movements you can practice if you have a proper pull-up bar installed at home. While you can get pull up bars built on any doorway, ideally you should have a part of a wall or archway where you can mount a bar. If you still can’t do pull-ups, you will want to get some resistance bands to help you progress to pull-ups.


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Rings are lightweight, add another level to bodyweight exercises and a great for traveling or home gyms. Rings can also give you the ability to increase the variety in your workout routine. When searching for the right rings, make sure you get a light brand.

Jump rope

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If you haven’t jumped rope since a kid, then you probably don’t know how hard it is and how good of cardio this exercise is. Jumping rope is also a great way to train your coordination. If you are a beginner, make sure you get a durable enough rope. If you have some experience with jumping ropes, look for either a lightweight rope to work on timing and speed to a weighted rope to work on strength.

Medicine Ball

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A great tool for core strength movements, which makes the medicine ball a crucial purchase. Whether you are throwing it, doing abdominal exercise or even running with it, a medicinal ball provides you with many options.


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