How To Sign Up For Multiple Fake WhatsApp Accounts


Most people believe that WhatsApp can only be used for chatting with friends, family and business partners or for having fun in themed group chats. These goals are difficult to argue against. But there are a few others that are less well known but still important. Pranking friends, for example, or spreading a rumor. Such objectives are usually attained by using a fake WhatsApp account created with a fake phone number for verification.

There may be additional reasons to use this option. In this article, we will discuss the most popular of them as well as how to obtain fake numbers for the purpose of creating fake profiles on the most popular instant messaging app in the world. Just make sure that you are going to use such accounts in accordance with laws and regulations and not in a way that is illegal before doing so.

Why would anyone register fake accounts on WhatsApp?


Running a fake WhatsApp account has recently been a widespread practice for millions of people worldwide. Although everyone has a different motivation, it is feasible to identify which one is the most widespread among them:

  • Joking around with buddies. It is not a good idea to try to fool friends or family members with a personal account because they can all see who it belongs to. Fake accounts serve to conceal identities and cut off all contact with their owners.
  • Spreading a rumor. It is very easy to get into an awkward situation when spreading rumors that turn out to be false. As a result, it is preferable to share it using a fake account which will help to avoid a bad reputation in such cases.
  • Maintaining confidentiality. WhatsApp makes it simple to look up phone numbers of other users. This is commonly used by people who sell personal information as well as fraudsters of all kinds. A fake account is a simple way to avoid receiving spam calls and messages.
  • Distinguishing work and personal life. Long-term customer contact via personal accounts is not possible because chats are constantly a mess. Fake phone numbers enable the creation of totally different accounts for personal and professional use.
  • Forming new partnerships. Contacting potential clients and business partners using WhatsApp accounts that are registered with their local phone numbers is undoubtedly a wise move that has already been taken by many entrepreneurs. Such an approach promotes cooperation and instills confidence.

There are many uses for a fake WhatsApp account as it is clear from the above. However, regardless of the rationale, setting it up necessitates the use of a fake number.

What is a fake number?


It is quite common to misread this feature. A lot of individuals believe that a fake phone number is just a series of digits that were chosen at random. But in reality, that phone number is real. Just unlike the prior one, a fake number is connected to the online server so it becomes available for receiving calls and text messages having no SIM card that belongs to it and even a mobile phone.

Since it is not registered with a cell phone provider, there is no way to trace or link a phone number like this to the user who used it. Additionally, while residing in one country, it is possible to use fake phone numbers from another country. Making a fake WhatsApp account, for instance, with a Chinese or Malaysian phone number residing in the US is acceptable. Going this way allows for achieving complete privacy and anonymity.

Signing up for a fake WhatsApp account

It is possible to create a fake WhatsApp account using a simple fake phone number. There are no stringent prerequisites. However, because one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world now has a plethora of tools for detecting fake numbers which may result in account blocking, it is critical to select the right platform from which to purchase high-quality service.

SMS-Man platform offers the most secure fake phone numbers for receiving OTP from WhatsApp in more than a hundred countries. Using this service is simple, and because of its user-friendly design, it is accessible even to those who are unfamiliar with the industry. This is how anyone may establish a fake WhatsApp account using its tools:

  1. Create an account on SMS-Man. You can do this in a few different ways including even signing up with a profile on GitHub.
  2. Select a WhatsApp fake phone number from the desired country on the main page of platform.
  3. Enter acquired fake number on app sign-up page and request verification code.
  4. Return to SMS-Man and click the «Get SMS» button.
  5. Use popped up verification code to complete creating an account.

The process is simple as it is. Setting up a fake WhatsApp account with a fake phone number takes no longer than a few minutes. In order to create another profile in care there is a need for more or if the first one gets banned or accidentally logged out, simply repeat the steps from above with a new fake number. You will not face any difficulties as there are just no limitations on how many numbers each person can use.



Having a fake account on WhatsApp is unquestionably a good decision for those who want to safeguard their privacy, amuse friends or carry out other tasks that might come up while using the most well know instant messaging app in the world. There are numerous use cases for this feature and everyone can find their own.

But it would not be as good as it is at the moment if there were no fake phone numbers for this purpose. They make it simple to sign up for such accounts when located in basically any country on the planet. They are also pretty easy to use. So everyone can use them to create fake WhatsApp accounts without facing a single issue.