Moving into a New Home? 9 Things to Do


When it comes to moving house, there’s a lot for you to remember. From all the big physical activities down to the paperwork, failure to check everything is the reason some things get left behind.

Moving is already hard, and you do not want to add more to your plate. If you ignore these tasks while you move, you’ll make them harder to handle in the future. Do 9 things before moving in and you’ll be glad you did.

Change the locks

The first important thing to do when moving into a new apartment is to change the locks, especially those of the entrances. You do not want a stranger to have access to your apartment. This ensures the safety of your family and property. Do this before moving in and you’ll be glad you did, and you will prevent your belongings from being exposed during that brief window while your locks are being changed.

Consider using a removal company

Most of us have had to move by ourselves at some point. It is time-consuming and physically and emotionally stressful, but we quickly forget this move, as our property size, family, and years of accumulated belongings grow.

Using a removal company can save you time and energy and reduce the risk of damage. It will also cost less than you think. Additionally, it removes some of the stress and helps manage the inevitable late changes or challenges on moving day.

If you have never used a professional removal company or you are unsure which to use learn more about moving from a reputable company before deciding on a service.

Update your mailing address

You can easily forget your billing and subscription addresses amid a chaotic move. However, unless you want the wrong house to receive your magazines or your bills, we recommend that you change your address as soon as possible.

You can find local services after you move out by running a quick google search with your location turned on. Many businesses can be located through your cellphone, and your mailing address can be changed online from the U.S.P.S. However, even if you change your address, your mail may still be mixed up for a while.

Clean up the house

In many cases, the former occupants will leave the house clean for you, but some don’t. Even when they do, you’ll still want a thorough cleaning. A cleaning service can be hired to do this, and you can also do this yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, an area should be set up with all the tools you need to get the job done, buckets, mops, brooms, a vacuum, cleaners for each surface type etc. You’ll feel good about the house after you wash down the cabinet, plumbing fixtures and counters, and clean the carpet.

Change the toilet seats

To help you feel like the home is yours and to not worry about hygiene, a simple toilet seat swap is necessary. Consider a detachable toilet seat if you want to take extra precautions. With a detachable toilet seat, you can get the toilet seat thoroughly cleaned down to every nook and cranny and avoid the frustrating feeling of having to scrub your toilet seat hinges and never really feeling like it’s truly clean.

Have the mechanical equipment serviced and cleaned

This should be done as soon as you complete the deal for the house. Getting the heating and cooling systems serviced and cleaned is very important. Also, you should invest in a service contract so, if the system suddenly stops working, you won’t have to pay extra to get the services of a technician. You can ask your new neighbours which company they found to be reputable and effective for the job. This is also an opportunity to meet new neighbours.

Set up security

A home security system is a necessity for your peace of mind, especially for safety conscious people. If the equipment is already installed in your home, it will take next to no time for it to be activated by a security company. Some security systems provided by companies enable you to set up a security alarm when you are at home at night.

Meet the neighbours

If you are lucky, the neighbours will come bearing plates full of cookies. If you spot them watching as you unload boxes, invite them over. But in most cases, they would just walk over and introduce themselves. However, some may not because they worry they are intruding. Go the extra mile to remember names. You do not want to be that guy that ignores a super nice next door neighbour for many years because you do not want to admit to not knowing their name.

Inform friends and family about your move

You have got the hard part out of the way and moved to your new home. But, how many people that need to know you have moved have been informed?

A soon as you have confirmed your moving date, start informing people. Remember to start from the most important ones, all utility providers, the bank, doctors, your place of work, insurers, and anyone else that you communicate with regularly.


Now that you have dealt with the most important parts of moving settling into your new home will be easier. We recommend that you keep a record of these things before and after moving, for future reference.