4 Most Profitable Sports to Bet On in 2024


The salary we have sometimes isn’t enough to cover all the costs that we have. People chase different ways to earn some additional money. However, working two jobs at once can be quite tough. The way of earning more money needs to be relaxing and entertaining. Because of that, betting is one of the most popular activities in the world.

There are certain things that we need to say before getting to the main point. First of all, you mustn’t forget that betting is not an activity that you should be addicted to. This always needs to be a way of making money and taking risks with no reason doesn’t have the point. Despite that, you need to choose the method of betting that suits you the most. Every person has the chance to gamble online and offline. The number of online bettors is growing daily and this might be a better choice because of many reasons.

However, you must pick the best online sportsbook. The most professional ones strive to ensure the best experience for their clients. You might want to check BestOnlineSportsbooks.info to find some of them.

Well, after we explained some important things, let’s get to the point. Let’s find out together the most profitable sports to bet on. We will give you some betting tips that will raise your chances of getting the reward.

  1. Football/Soccer


This sport has two different names on two different continents. It might be a good proof of the popularity that this sport has around the globe. Logically, the best leagues in the world are the most attractive for betting. However, this doesn’t mean you should focus only on them. Some less popular leagues can be the right match. However, it is important that you actively follow the news about the current clubs. The favorite is not always going to be a winner.

We all remember when Leicester City became the champion of The Premier League. The fans of this club did not believe that something like this happened. However, it did, and this is a good sign that sports are unpredictable.

Still, this doesn’t mean that football is not a profitable sport to bet on. There are two types of bets that you should place. First of all “over/under” can be something you can easily predict. You just need to analyze the statistics and see how many goals each team gives.

Despite that option, a double chance can be a good choice. By using this option, you can eliminate some risks. Indeed, the payout will be less. But, repeating the same method a couple of weeks in a row can pay off in the end.

  1. Horseracing


Well, we know that horseracing is not the most popular sport in the world. There are some parts where you can find a huge fun base of horse racing. However, compared to some other sports, the popularity is at a low level.

Anyway, the first rule of all is not to bet on your favorite horse. Many people include their emotions when betting. Instead, you should strive to turn off the emotion and turn on your brain. Betting on a single horse is a tough challenge. Things are unpredictable in this sport as well. Fortunately, some alternatives might bring you profit.

First of all, you should try to win a “Show Bet”. In other words, the horse you bet on needs to place the first three places. Logically, the payout is not going to bring you a fortune. However, the risk is low, and repeating the same method can bring you a good profit. Despite that, “Place Bet” is also a good choice, but it brings a bit more risk. This means that “your” horse is going to be first or second.

There are some other horse racing bets such as Exacta, Trifecta, Pick 3, etc. All these options are much more profitable, but they are also risky. The beginners should start with the first two options that we explained.

  1. Tennis


Well, we have come once again to the sport that has worldwide popularity. The sport became even more popular for bettors thanks to live betting. It can be quite entertaining to watch the game and place a bet in real-time. You will have the option to bet on each point, game, set, and match. The good thing is that you can change the betting strategy during the match.

We once again suggest over/under betting as a profitable option. This means that you can bet on how many sets the tennis players will play. In most cases, there is a boundary of 2.5. If you play it over, this means that you expect there will be at least 3 sets in the game.

Despite that, handicap betting can also be a good choice. This betting option allows you to add points to the player’s score. The good thing is that payout in some cases won’t be bad at all.

  1. Cricket


This is the third sport from our list that is “invented” in the UK. Indeed, cricket is not popular enough in all parts of the world. You will find its fan base in countries like India, Australia, UK, etc. Still, certain betting options can bring you a certain amount of money.

For instance, beginners should start with “Number of Boundaries”. The game outcomes are usually not the safest bets. Sometimes you should focus only on statistics. You have the option to bet on fours and sixes. The areas that are not that huge will more likely have sixes. This might be the piece of advice that you should have on mind each time when you place the bet.

Finally, the most interesting would be to predict the man of the match. Indeed, predicting this before the game start can be tough. However, you should start following cricket games more often. Sooner or later, it will become easier for you to predict the best player in the game.


Let’s repeat the most important thing about betting once again. Set up a budget each time when you plan to place a bet. For instance, if you plan to spend $50 per day on betting, do not cross that limit. After you become a more experienced bettor, you can easily raise that limit. Follow the matches of your sport constantly and try to make conclusions after each round.