Most popular items that you can purchase from a Jewish shop


Whether you’ve been to Israel, or another place that has a Jewish shop nearby, you’ve probably thought about purchasing a few gifts for your friends and family. Israeli stores are known to have some of the best items that serve as gifts and souvenirs, so you are pretty much at the right place.

Here are some of the best things that you can purchase from an Israeli shop that will be as memorable as great gifts.

Hebrew name necklaces

We all know that some Hebrew phrases are very hard to pronounce, and if you’ve been to the holy land, chances are that you struggled a bit with some of those. If you want to have a reminder of the fun times you twisted your tongue just to pronounce something in Hebrew, feel free to purchase a name-necklace that both looks amazing and is a great gift. Some stores offer necklaces with custom names, but to get these you will have to order a few days beforehand. Grab a necklace for your friends and family, and we guarantee that you’ll see a huge smile on their face.


Whether it’s a shirt with a Hebrew phrase or something related to Jewish culture, T-Shirts are always a great gift, and they don’t cost much at all. Every will have at least a few kinds of T-Shirts, so feel free to purchase one for each of your friends or family members.

AHAVA Skin Care Products

Everybody knows that the Dead Sea has its health benefits, and one company managed to make products from its rare mineral salts and exotic plant extracts. The name of the company is AHAVA, and its products are famous in Israel. Every will have at least a few of their skin-care collection lines, so if you know someone who’s into cosmetics and loves taking care of their skin, this is probably the best gift that you can get for them.

Home appliances

Whether it’s washing cups or plates, a Jewish store has some of the best home appliances that you’ll ever find. They also happen to be a long-lasting souvenir which is very useful at the same time, so if you want to make your mom or grandmother happy, buy a collection of the Jewish home appliances and surprise them with a nice gift!

Jewish Culture Clothes

No matter in which country you go, you can find many traditional clothes that have a big connection with the culture, and the same goes for Israel. If you’re at a Jewish shop, chances are that you will find a lot of traditional wear, so if you are a collector of these things, definitely purchase a few pieces of clothing.

Israeli literature

If you are a fan of reading books yourself, or you have a friend that likes doing that, make sure that you grab a couple of books from the store that you’re going to visit. Whether the books are connected with the Israeli culture and history, or they’re just entertaining enough, they’re still a great gift and you should consider purchasing a few as a reminder for when you were in the holy land.