The Most Expensive Foosball Tables


Foosball enthusiasts don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money on a high-quality foosball table. Besides the fact that they are really fun, they are also an excellent addition to any room in your house. In that sense, you can put it in the game room, or even living room. Whenever you have a group of friends over, enjoying a thrilling game is a must. However, have you ever wondered which the most luxurious foosball tables are? Some of the world’s most expensive items include gold, silver and high-quality glass. Some would say that these products are unbreakable due to the fact that the majority of them includes the playing surface made out of the unbreakable glass. So, no matter how intense the game gets, they don’t move or break. On the top of that, if you are willing to spend a lot of money, you will get a real stadium experience due to numerous kinds of effects, i.e. lights.

Therefore, if you are interested in reading more about this, take a look at the following list of the most expensive foosball tables.


Just by looking at this item, you can easily tell that it is high-quality and expensive. To begin with the massive, golden legs, it seems that it is very firm and heavy. The materials used to make this item include unbreakable glass and stainless steel. The design is a rather minimalistic one. By combining black and gold colors, the creators of the product managed to make an impression of luxury. When it comes to the figures, there are 12 different styles out of which you can choose your own.

2. TECHKELL KRYSTALL SERIES – $7,500-$10,000

If you are into the see-through tables, this item is for you. Made from crystal glass playing surface and sides, you can basically see the whole mechanism. Not to mention the powerful design of it. Furthermore, you can choose to have gold-plated handles, if you want to make it even more luxurious. So, if you are looking for a modern table which will perfectly match the interior of your house, this is one of the best choices.

3. THE OPUS – $34,000


This item is designed in an old-fashion way and therefore aimed at those who enjoy a touch of old school look. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it a cheap one. The handles and legs are made out of stainless steel, while the remaining parts are wooden. You can in fact be the one who chooses the specific kind of wood. So, you can go for mahogany, ash, oak, or walnut. Whichever you decide to choose, the creators guarantee you the best quality.

4. 11-THE BEAUTIFUL GAME $68,000

If you want one of the most realistic and thrilling gaming experiences, this is probably your top choice. Why is this so? Well, this table has special lighting effects which contribute to the feeling that you are at the real stadium. While we are at the real stadium-like experience, the very design of the table is in that manner as well. In other words, the shape of it is created according to the way modern stadiums and arenas look like. On the top of this, the figures of the players are fascinating. They are in fact hand-made and have numbers embedded. This item is by far one of the most luxurious tables out there.



Everyone knows Barbie is all about luxury. Why wouldn’t she have one of the most expensive foosball tables? This item is completely in Barbie style. Pink and sophisticated, and yet firm and heavy, and, more importantly, of the high-quality. The players are all Barbies dressed appropriately, in pink and white clothes. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, this item is perfect if you want to enjoy fun games. However, things are even better if you are a parent. In that sense, you can even organize family tournaments, and spend some quality time with your kids.


One of the best qualities of this item is its weight. Thanks to its 600 pounds, there is no chance that it will move, even if you play the most dramatic and intense game. However, don’t think that its weight makes it any less sophisticated. Despite its massive proportions, the design is remarkable and elegant. It will perfectly match a room decorated in the minimalist way. Just like the rest of the table, the figures are, as well, beautifully designed.


This aluminum foosball table gives you the feeling that you are right there at the stadium. The green surface below the players resembles the real grass. The remaining area is gray, which gives the perfect contrast and luxurious touch. Also, besides the fact that this item indeed has an outstanding design, it also has great quality. Moreover, if you are an Audi fan, you can even match the table with your own car.


To sum up, even though some people don’t understand the need of foosball enthusiasts to spend a lot of money on a product like this, possessing a luxurious table provides the players with the most amazing gaming experience. Not only do you feel like you are really at the stadium, but they are also created in order to match your interior. Nevertheless, if you wish to possess a good foosball table, but you are not willing to spend a fortune, don’t worry. You can easily find cheaper options. For example, you could check out the FoosballTableGuide, for perfect items. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to have fun while enjoying the game!