More Than 100 People Hospitalized, 20 Dead After Gunfire in Las Vegas


According to sources, a gunman started firing from a rifle at a concert just outside Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Mandalay Bay. Thousands of people have been running away from the place while the SWAT units were looking for the shooter. Also, there have been various reports of the shootings across the city. Twenty confirmed victims have passed away due to injuries, while at least another 100 is in the hospital. The doctors are currently fighting for their lives.

The scene of the unfortunate events happened not yards away from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The videos that are circling around are showing the exact location to be just outside the hotel on Route 91 Harvest. The festival of country music which attracted many people was abruptly interrupted by gunfire. The music immediately stopped while the screams, and ‘Get down’ and ‘Stay down’ spread across the crowd.


Shortly after, the police and SWAT members were exchanging the gunfire with the shooters. Not long after midnight, the Las Vegas Police Metropolitan Police Department reported that they have taken down one of the attackers. As of now, they believe that there are no more armed people and that the massacre was committed by a single individual.

The latest reports are saying that hospital took care of twenty-six victims, two of which are deceased, twelve are in critical condition while the rest is undergoing testing.

In the post-shooting mess, the police had more work because there were two more locations under attack. The shootings were reported at the Ali Baba restaurant, which is located ten minutes from Mandalay Bay, and New York-New York Hotel and Casino. At the moment, we do not have confirmation if there are any people injured at those locations.

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