Moments App from Facebook Inc (FB) to Replace the Photo-Syncing Feature Compulsorily


Very soon the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users may not be able to photo-sync from its main app if the largest social media network’s plan shall prevail. Photo syncing is a feature that is at present available on Facebook; however, reports have it that those who wants to use as from January will have to download the Moments app.

Facebook says that lately, Moments has received immense attention from different users to an extent of moving up the charts that has resulted from its effective marketing by Facebook. As such, it is likely that it will work even better than the photo sync feature. So how does this new feature work? To begin with, users can share photos in private. Besides, it has a further Messenger integration that leads one to the Moments app by conveying a message to Facebook every time an image is shared on the App.

But what was photo-sync able to achieve? It facilitates the downloading of photos on the social network, photos that are later put to safekeeping in a private album for future editing and sharing purposes.

However, according to Facebook, it will still be possible to access the synced photos in the app even after adapting Moments App. But for those who decide that Moments is not the App for them, they will still be able to download a zip file and at the same time be able to delete them using Facebook. That means one can make choices of whichever app that will suit their interests best.

The social network has previously tried to push through an App, an exercise whose moves were well calculated and which turned out to be very successful. It is certain that the use of messenger has become the in thing today and an integral part of anyone who owns a Smartphone.

Nevertheless, in as much as most people do not embrace the photo-syncing feature, it will be still good enough to help in jump-starting the use of Moments App. But a thing for everyone to note is that the removal of photo-syncing from Facebook will only take place in the regions where Moments will be made available.

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