How Mobile Gambling Changed the Entire Online Casino Industry


The concept of gambling isn’t new, and the fact that it’s something that lasts for quite some time just proves how important a role it has in our lives and society. Of course, when something lasts for this long, it’s inevitable that certain changes are going to happen, and in the past couple of years, due to technological breakthroughs, we are all witnessing huge shifts in this industry. The biggest reason for that is mobile gambling, which is the main topic today, as we will try to get into more details about how significant this change was.

In terms of accessibility

Let’s start with the most obvious way mobile gambling changed this entire industry. Namely, it’s a fact that we all spend most of our time on our phones, regardless of whether it is for work or pleasure, meaning that in order to draw even more people to any product or any kind of service, mobile optimization of sites and creating various apps is simply a norm you must fulfill. Now, since that’s the case, it’s nothing unusual that mobile gambling surpassed all expectations.

Besides this, that fine line that was steadily going up and showing growth in both the number of players and overall profits simply spiked. That’s how big of a role and big of a change phones can force, business-wise. Even if we are waiting in the line to pay our bills or buy breakfast, we can spend that time in a much more entertaining way by playing online casino slots. All that’s needed is a stable Wi-Fi connection which you can find almost everywhere. In the end, that breakfast might not even cost you a penny. Click here for more information.

Payment method wise

Those with already some experience in online gambling surely remember the time when depositing and withdrawing money was a time-consuming process and a real nightmare. Namely, besides spending too much time waiting until banks verify transactions, the main thing was about not having enough options, meaning that not everyone could deposit or withdraw money, or not do so as “easy” at least. Of course, due to the latest tech achievements, this is now a thing of the past, as today, every person with a credit card can easily register, create an account, and link it to their card. What’s even better is that after a decade of its existence, many online casinos have also made it possible to gamble in BTC, which is yet another reason why mobile gambling is on the rise.

In terms of safety

We live in a digital age, where most of the data is stored on a cloud or in some large storage unit, and the fact that certain things on the net, and especially these types of websites, are handling tons of sensitive and private data, it’s no wonder why there is so much noise regarding cyber security. Namely, besides the fun we all crave, what’s even more important is that our private info is safe and secure, and luckily, the online gambling industry understands this, which is why they are always one of the first to implement new things cyber security-wise. That is one of the biggest reasons why there are lines and lines of codes that protect your data today, regardless of whether you use an app or the browser to play your favorite game of chance. Furthermore, the multi-factor authentication process protects all of your info, as the only ones who know all the passwords and steps are you. Of course, all of that also applies to transactions, as they have never been more protected than today, regardless of what skeptics might think, and there are data-driven facts that prove this.


From the players’ point of view, there is nothing better than when you get rewarded just because you chose a certain website. Yes, that’s how almost every gambling voyage starts today, which is nothing unusual considering how many online casinos there are. That fierce competition is great for us players, as we can sit and relax while playing a hand of poker and wait for the casino to reward us for our loyalty. The reason for that is simple, as this is a highly competitive market, and to stay competitive and especially in order to beat the competition, casinos simply have to offer various bonuses to attract new users. That’s the biggest reason why there are welcome, loyalty, deposit, and many other bonuses today.

It brought us new games

The fierce competition also seeks many other changes and new things besides the various types of rewards, and these changes are surely for the better. Namely, we are all aware of many new games and variations of the old ones, and somehow they all offer a similar yet pretty different concept, but what they all have in common is that they are really entertaining. It is something players also benefit from, as even though traditional casino games like roulette, blackjack, or poker are highly amusing, we tend to get tired of playing them after a while and would rather try some new games. Online casinos recognized this and created many variations of traditional games but have also introduced many new ones, which is why you can even play slots online. All of this was possible because of two reasons. The first is about the number of new players, and the second one is about the fact that casinos need to offer something new every once in a while, just to keep things interesting.


After reading all this, it’s pretty clear that mobile gambling has really changed everything, from our perspective and how we looked at gambling to the industry itself. Overall, most of the changes that occurred due to such vast popularity were for the better, and even though there were some bad moves along the way, in general, mobile gambling revolutionized the entire concept of gambling. The only thing left for you now is to find the best online casino with the best and easily claimable bonuses.