The Miz Explains What Maryse Did For His Career


Just over a year ago, The Miz was a comedy heel on Monday Night Raw. He was someone that was there just to put the younger talent over as he is a good promo while he can also do a decent work in the ring. He was somebody that the company could rely on to do the things that he is told to do well.

It seemed that his career was going nowhere as he really wasn’t gaining any momentum. Then, they brought his wife Maryse back to be his valet and somebody that he can work with. They gave him the IC title the night after Wrestlemania, which ended up being one of the best decisions that they have made as The Miz has shined ever since that moment.


The move to Smackdown Live was something that revitalized his career. They gave him the ball, and he knew how to run with it. There is an argument to be made that he was the best thing about Tuesday nights for a couple of months in a row. There is no doubt that the return of his wife helped him to rise on the blue brand. He recently spoke just how important it is to have his wife by his side every single night.

“I had become this arrogant and egotistical character, but ever since my wife has come back into WWE, I feel like my career has soared,” Miz stated. “It’s given me a new type of confidence. Whenever you wrestle in Speedos in front of your wife, you want to show off. You don’t want to get your butt kicked in front of your wife. And she helps out where she can. It’s great having her around. She’s a huge part of why I’ve had the success I’ve had.”