How to Choose the right Milling Machine Head for your Project?


In order to be able to remove metal pieces as easily as possible, you need to find a suitable milling machine. Only in this way will your project be done perfectly, because cutters have a key role in cutting the material. Don’t forget that one machine can contain several cutters at the same time, and that’s great news. This way you will be able to remove metal pieces with great precision. However, there are many types of these machines. It seems quite confusing to people, but there is a solution. Learn more about machine types and how to choose the right milling machine head.

How does a milling machine work?

The machine works on a very simple principle. So, you need to insert one object and fix it on the machine socket. Then, you turn the milling machine and it removes the material. This creates flat, curved and other surfaces. There is a difference in the type of machine, and it refers to the movement of the bed, frame or their combination. You can use your machine for the purpose of drilling holes, cutting, etc. The ability to tilt from one side to the other and back and forth gives the head of a milling machine. It is responsible for the variety of the machine. The settings can also be changed, and you should check this section from time to time and adjust it. This way he will always stand normally. It is important to choose head made by one of the reputable manufacturers, like Yihkuan, or you can end up with broken head in the middle of the work.

Bench Top milling machine

This mini milling machine can be used for milling wood, metal and other materials. This means that you can use it even if you are just doing a hobby such as creating different projects. However, it is an equally good choice for those who are laboratory technicians or opticians. Either way, it’s a very simple construction and that’s why people like it a lot. It is quite easy to mount on a desk. It is made of cast iron, has two speeds and handwheels with which you can move the spindle head.

Column and Knee type milling machine

The name of the machine will only make full sense when you see it. She looks just like that. Imagine sitting on the floor with your legs bent at the knees and sticking out. This is exactly the look of the machine, and its parts are made of cast iron. This machine absorbs shocks perfectly and consists of several main parts. This refers to its base, the hollow pillar, the saddle and the table. You can attach the object you plan to process directly to the table. All you need are T-slots, but you can also do it with a machine vice. In addition to these parts, the machine also has an overarm and brace and they are located at the top of the stairs. They support the holder. It also has a cooling system.

Horizontal milling machine


This type of machine is very similar to the previous one. They share a lot of features, but there are some differences. The difference in height is the most obvious, because this machine is much bigger than the previous one. It can also process heavier and larger workpieces. A face milling cutter is very easy to mount. In addition, there is the possibility of performing ordinary milling, straddle milling, slotting, etc. We can say that this is a universal type of machine.

Vertical milling machine


If you need a machine for slots, machining grooves and if you want to have flat surfaces then this is the right machine for you. The vertical column contains a spindle head and it rotates at an angle. On some models it is possible to adjust the spindle up and down. It is a very precise machine that is great for shaping, but also for removing materials. From the material, it is possible to process plastic, but also other materials. You can control it manually, computer, numerically or combined. The cutting is very sophisticated thanks to the moving table and vertical spindle movement.

Duplex milling machine


With this machine you can process objects with even two simultaneous spindles. Their direction of movement can be horizontal and vertical. Some of the main advantages of this machine are increased production compared to other solutions, precision, the ability to manage only one operator, reduced space, efficiency, fast investment depreciation, as well as various configurations.

Ram-Type milling machine

This type of machine is similar to the Column and Knee Type Milling Machine, but has a movable frame. There is a smaller version of this type and it is presented as a universal ram-type milling machine. It contains an arbor and an addition of a movable frame. In addition to this version, there is another. It has the same characteristics, but no horizontal spindle. The Swivel Cutter Head Ram-Type Milling Machine features a movable frame located at the top of the pole. You can use it to process various components of tools, templates and accessories. You have a great choice when it comes to operations, because you can opt for face milling, end of slot milling, drilling, etc.

CNC milling machine

This machine is also called computer numerical control milling, because computerized controls are used for processing. It has a rotating cylindrical cutter, you can work on three to five axes, which means that the processing is very precise and detailed. The materials you work with can be made of plastic, ceramics, but also composite materials.

Fixed Bed type milling machine

The main feature of this machine is a fixed bed, which is why its name came from. It is a hundred machines that are on it and can move in the longitudinal direction. It is used for high production.


Such machines have numerous functions. This means that you will be able to choose between different speeds, which means that you can form a variety of shapes. Best of all, you’ll be able to do more than one thing at a time. For example, machines are capable of perfectly regulating more precise cutting. This way you will be very much like carving, drilling and doing everything else. When choosing, focus on the type of control, the number of axes present, the orientation of the spindle, the size of the tool and similar items.