Microsoft Corporation Launching Fitness Band Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone [Report]


The wearable market is gaining popularity slowly and gradually, and the market has already seen few releases like Google Glass, Galaxy Gear etc. The market has a lot of potential and no company wants to lag behind not even the software giant Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), which is being rumored to be the new entrant in this arena, with a fitness band compatible with all the major OS that run the leading smartphones including iOS, Android and Windows.

Microsoft to release a wearable

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s new wearable device will be released for sure claims Paul Thurrott, who further says that same as Samsung’s Gear Fit it will too be a fitness band and not a smartwatch.

Paul Thurrott, a Microsoft expert, reported on Supersite, about the release of a fitness band by Microsoft in the fall this year. The band is said to be similar to Gear Fit from Samsung and will serve the purpose of tracking the ‘Health & Fitness’ of the wearer while it, also, has the capability of displaying the notifications based on smartphones.

The device is designed somewhat like the Nike Inc. (NYSE:NKE) FuelBand, but is a flatter version of it and is said to have 11 sensors that will perform the health tracking functions and GPS navigation, as well, which is indicated by the recently published patent applications by the company in USPTO. The device will come with a vertical charging dock as suggested by one of the many patents.

What makes it different?

The difference between Microsoft and its competitors is of the approach that they have taken. Microsoft is the first and only manufacturer of wearable device, who has reportedly designed it in such a way that it will be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone thus offering cross-platform support.

The device functions like all the other similar devices in the market that synchronize with the apps on smartphones and offers the wearer the facilities of tracking steps, calories burned heart rate and other metrics. Hint is one of the great apps by Microsoft that includes both Bing Health & Fitness and Healthvault. The device would, also, work with the third party apps.