Microsoft Unveils A New Logo Along With Fresh Improvements For Bing


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has unveiled a new Bing Logo along with some fresh updates. The executives at Microsoft are describing the changes as “rearchitecting” of the company’s “brand vision” to be more in line with its product plans.

Reasons behind the updates

Scott Erickson, Senior Director of Brand and Creative for Bing feel that the site is not just the search engine on a web page. He says in a blog post that Bing is now “a brand that combines search technology across products you use every day to help empower you with insights.”

Microsoft redesigning logo strategy comes in as the company is looking to get an edge over Google whose sites accounted for 67 percent of the United States searches compared to just 17.9 percent of Microsoft sites.

As of now the’s newer version will be launched only in the United States, which will gradually be followed by expansion in other countries, as well.

Other updates to the site

Apart from logo, website has also been transformed to make it “faster, cleaner and more visually appealing”. The site will be launched later today.

In the newly designed site, “Snapshot” and “sidebar” features are given, which were added to Bing last year. Users can extract information like basic factual data along with “the human perspective” in the form of status update, photos, tweets, check-ins or “expert opinions.

The new Bing will be a two column design compared to current three column design. In the second column, information about people, place and the things from Bing’s Satori Search Company, as well as, information from social networks is given, according to a spokesperson.

The redesigned Bing site will be compatible across various devices and will adapt both the size of a screen and the context of a user, which will create apt experience at the right time. Additionally, the newer version will also be quick in recognizing the exact term that the user is searching for. For instance, two small windows will pop up when user types Bon Jovi the brand or Jon Bon Jovi the lead singer.

Microsoft Product with Bing Assistance

Products by Microsoft that incorporate Bing’s back end machine learning technology are the voice search in the Xbox Kinect sensor, the image/map embedding in Office documents; the translation functionality in Windows Phone and the Bing AppEx applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Microsoft will launch Cortana in competition to Siri and Google Now, which will also be backed by Bing’s back end tech.