Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) to Feature a Notification Center


Window’s 8 central Notification Center deficiency is set to be sorted-out once and for all with the upcoming Windows 9. The Verge reports that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is planning to embed a notification center on Windows 9 that will allow apps to generate brief alerts.

Users will be allowed to clear all notifications at once, or dismiss individual notifications. The feature will also allow users to collect toasts and alerts from system notifications and traditional Windows applications. A video published on WinFuture showed that the center might miss out on an actionable notification feature; this means that users won’t be able to respond to Skype messages that pop-up on the notification portal.

The technical preview only provides a sneak preview on what Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is planning to do, meaning more changes may be in the pipeline. Microsoft might enable an option that enables users to respond to Skype messages.

With Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) expected to release a preview of the new Operating system later in the month or early October, it awaits to be seen some of the additions that may be’ added. A Notification Centre will be a great addition in this case as it will allow people to customize notifications in terms of preference. The Verge also claims that Windows 9 might allow people to operate multiple desktops.

A video on WinFuture shows a taskbar on Windows 9 with an icon that allows users to create and close virtual desktops. The added icon will allow users to create new workforces while on the fly. Opened programs will also be accessed through the same icon. If one tries to launch an already opened program or file, the system will automatically redirect to an opened version even if it is in a different virtual desktop.