Technology is continuously evolving, and this affects many businesses. It wouldn’t be any different in case of how the online gambling industry works.

Online gambling got popular in the 90s, and now, new technologies will create different ways to gamble. Microgaming, one among the most important gambling game creators in the market today, is about to spearhead a major development in this space.

With the use of emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR), everything may change soon. Have you ever thought about playing poker using augmented reality (AG)? You could see the face of your opponents just like in an offline table.

Microgaming and the Development of the Online Casino Industry


Microgaming Software Systems was the first company to develop digital casino software back in 1994. At the time, not everybody had computers at home, but the few people who did were already interested in gambling online. Because of this, its creators saw an online casino business opportunity in this emerging niche.

Digital games were just like traditional casino ones, but you could play them anywhere. These new providers replaced the classic slot machines and casino tables by software. In most cases, the experience was similar enough to interest the players.

Some time passed, and Microgaming casino sites got very popular. Along with other technology firms such as NetEnt, Microgaming helped to shape the industry. Right now, there is a competitive scene with dozens of technology providers rushing to create games.

Today, however, the trends are much different from the 90s. Mobile gambling apps are getting popular, and some new trends are appearing. With the emergence of the online gambling market, which should reach the value of $94.4 million by 2024, the use of new technologies will be vital to cater to new customers.

The Future of Microgaming Casino Sites


What are the main trends in the market for 2020 and the future? Mobile gambling apps will continue to grow in importance, and technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality will become more popular.

Roger Raatgever, Microgaming’s CEO, is betting on AR and VR wearables. He cites the 360-degree view as one of the main attractions in the technology. According to him, these technologies can provide an immersive experience, unlike anything offered until today.

Now, the company is already starting to study these technologies. In the next few months or years, the goal is to create new games that will utilize them.

Kevin N. Cochran, a casino project manager and specialist in marketing and product development, agrees with Raatgever. He confirms that many people still like to visit land-based casinos because they have the kind of atmosphere that you can’t find online. With these technologies, it’s possible to emulate the classic casino experience.

With the use of VR, gamblers will be transported to a virtual casino. Imagine that you are playing poker online. If you can read your opponent’s face, you will have an experience much more similar to playing offline. It will undoubtedly attract more players to Microgaming casino sites.

Why would AR and VR games be so popular?

This new trend opens an online casino business opportunity for Microgaming and other software companies. The VR market will grow over 400% from 2018 to 2024. Acting now is critical to pioneer in the area, and Microgaming’s CEO is very aware of that.

Why is the trend so popular, though? Basically, because of the immersion that these products can provide to players. Most people who already visited a casino at least once know that it has a particular atmosphere. With this upcoming technology, that same atmosphere could be achieved for the first time.

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Could this cause a revolution in how online casino games work? Probably. Each year, the market share of these games is growing up. So, we may have to wait to discover how significant the change will be.

Why Are Microgaming Software Not Available in the US?


You’re probably excited to play Microgaming games, right? Maybe you are even looking for the best online casino in Canada reviews already to see what you can find. For more details check However, if you are in the United States, you may not be able to do it, which is unfortunate.

Despite having over 800 different games, Microgaming casino sites are not available in the US. Why? There’s a long history behind this. When Microgaming first started, the company saw a profitable niche in attending the US market. Not many operators were working there at the time, so there was plenty of room for growth.

Two years later, legislators decided to tackle the industry with a brand new law called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). In short, this law prevented some states from offering online gambling services. People from these states were unable to gamble online since then. At the time, many companies left, but Microgaming continued.

Obviously, the company thrived in this period. People could play on casinos offering games from Microgaming no deposit needed, while other companies were backing down.

Two years later, the problems started. A judge in Kentucky seized several domains related to gambling in the state. One of them was It was acquired again after some time. However, this time the tech company decided to shift its focus away from the US.

This prompted the casino software provider to look for friendlier markets. Now, all Americans are unable to play on Microgaming casino sites. At the moment, it’s impossible to tell for how long the situation will continue.

Unfortunately, this means that people based in the United States may miss out on this revolution. US citizens will probably have other providers, though. In any case, they may miss the first wave of AR and VR when they start to be used in online gambling.

To Conclude

Are you excited about the future? Keep visiting Microgaming casino sites, and you will notice these changes soon. The next moves in the market will bring a new online casino business opportunity for many companies and delight gamblers.


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