Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch – Elimination Chamber Picks And Predictions


WWE announced yesterday before the Smackdown Live episode that Mickie James and Becky Lynch will have a match at the Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday. The feud between these two started when Mickie James was revealed as the La Luchadora that was helping Alexa Bliss and dropped Lynch out of the title picture and cost her the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

The traditional contract signing for the match took place on Tuesday and both James and Lynch were included in the segment. Mickie was great on the mic as she stated that she is the reason that Becky Lynch as a name exists in the WWE and that she was the one that paved the way for all the young women that are in the company today.

Becky responded by saying that she didn’t forget James’ accomplishments in the WWE ring, but that she also is more than capable of doing the damage herself. She is not one of the best talkers that WWE has, but she did a pretty decent job with this promo, and it seems that she and Mickie are working well together.


This is the first match that Mickie James will wrestle on WWE main roster PPV since she came back. That means that she will probably be booked as the winner of this battle. These two are great performers and will put on a show on Sunday, with Mickie James winning the match by some sort of shenanigans that will certainly be included. We don’t think that James will pin Becky clean and this feud will continue past the Elimination Chamber PPV. But, the first match between these two will go to James.

Winner: Mickie James.