Michael Irvin: Cowboys Would Be Crazy To Release Dez

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Last season was probably the worst in Dez Bryant’s career with Cowboys. He had more activity on the sidelines with his reactions than on the field. Numbers of this guy dropped compared to what we were accustomed from his 2012-2014 seasons. In addition, his ability to have big plays wholly disappeared. What makes things even worse, considering his performance, is Dez’s salary. He is one of the three highest-paid wide receivers in the league but he sure as hell doesn’t play like one. With all of this stated many fans and pundits believe that Cowboys should walk away from Bryant.

One of those who doesn’t believe that Bryant should leave America’s Team is Cowboys former wide receiver Michael Irvin.

Greatest WR in Dallas history talked to ESPN in an interview and said: “Dez will be here. My God, Dez will be here. You will be crazy to let Dez Bryant get away; absolutely crazy. Don’t fool yourself, people. We get this in these emotional places fresh off a game, and the way the season has gone for him, and then the (game against Seattle) where he said some things, and then fumbled the ball… I bring this back to you, it was just a few years ago he put 16 touchdowns on the board. Dez hasn’t changed that much… I tell you what, there’s no way Jerry Jones sees the Dallas Cowboys without Dez Bryant. There’s just no way.”

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While Irving believes that Dez will be his old self from a couple of seasons ago, he also said that other areas of the team need to improve. He put the focus on quarterback Dak Prescott, who in his opinion needs to grow and work on his chemistry with Bryant.

Irvin stated: “That comes with I think also the maturation of Dak. Dak’s managing his career as he’s trying to manage a team, and then make sure he feeds certain people like Dez Bryant. It’s a lot when you’re talking about a second-year guy. Some of the conversations I had with Tony while we were on the road during Thursday Night Football. We were talking about it and he would say, “Sometimes, Michael, I would just went off my read, because they knew I needed to get Dez involved.” I know the mentality of him, just like Troy (Aikman) would know me…

“Dak’s a careful guy, so we’re asking him to break some of the things he knows to just trust Dez. That’s a process, because he’s trying to make sure he wins his job and lead his team, but I think you just stick with this process one more time. You get Zeke back, and get everybody back healthy, and let’s roll. You’ve got to take this opportunity.”

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Now, after the season has ended, we all know that Dak needs to improve. But no matter how better Prescott becomes, it might not help Bryant. Last season Dez continually asked to be targeted more, but when he was targeted, he wasn’t a reliable catcher. He leads NFL in dropped passes with 11. Dez is not a superstar anymore. He’s still treated like one, and he gets paid like one, he just doesn’t perform like one.

Entire Cowboys offense needs to improve, and they need to do it both as a team and individually. Bryant needs to become his old self, and if he isn’t able, then he should accept his new role. If he’s not ready to do neither, then his time with Dallas franchise might be as well as over.