Mercedes GLB to be sold as a mini G-Wagen


As you probably know German automaker Mercedes is preparing a new GLB crossover which should find its place between the current GLA and GLC lines. What remains a big mystery is just how Mercedes plans to differentiate and justify the model, but some of the latest reports we found online just might help with that.

According to Autocar, the GLB might be positioned as a mini G-Wagen meaning that it could adopt more upright and rugged style which the smaller GLA and larger GLC just do not have. This all of courses means that the GLB would be a smaller counterpart to the G-Class instead of it just being a car-like crossover (just like the CLA is called a mini-CLS). To achieve this, the design will have to pull more toward the Ener-G-Force concept (showed on the picture here) which was unveiled in 2012 than on the coupe-like G-Code concept shown in 2014.

But let’s put the styling aside and talk dimensions. At about 181 inches long, it would clearly fit (at least size-wise) in between the GLA (174 inches) and the GLC (183 inches). Another info regarding the GLB states that a possibly bigger variant might be in the prep especially for the United States and China markets with an additional row of seats for seven-passenger accommodation. What might be expected as well is an off-road package, somewhere down the production line, which would significantly enhance its rugged approach.

As far is the powertrain department considered, a range of petrol and diesel four-cylinder units will be available. These engines will be made by either Mercedes or the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and will most likely find their way under the hood of the GLB with a plug-in hybrid and 300 HP AMG version potentially to join later on, as it was the case so far with similar vehicles.

The GLB is just one of the eight compact models Mercedes is prepping for they new lineup. Just alongside the GLB, there are A-Class, B-Class, GLA, CLA, and CLA Shooting Brake, with the new A-Class sedan which should be revealed, in its concept form, though, next month in Shanghai. If you can do simple math, then you can see that one more is still missing from this lineup. That eight vehicle is a big mystery, but everybody is hoping for a two-door coupe that would rival the Audi TT, or possibly the On-again, Off-again possibility of an SLA roadster which would find its place beneath the SLK/SLC.