Mercedes-Maybach S650 coupe renderings – because why not?!


When the topic of an ultra-luxury car comes up people somehow immediately start complaining how they can not imagine such car if it is not in coupe form, and the talk somehow shifts to the half million dollar Rolls-Royces parked or driving around Beverly Hills. That means that Rolls-Royce Wraith has been getting a little more attention than Mercedes, and that makes us ask, why the heck didn’t Mercedes make a Mercedes-Maybach S650 in a Coupe form as well?

Because of curiosity and interest in looks, we found some renderings online that were done by X-Tomi Design that show just how would a Mercedes-Maybach S650 coupe look like. Now before that, we must get something straight. The “basic” S550 Coupe isn’t just any kind of car especially when its price borders on insanity, but a 650 Coupe is something else, a step further.

When you take a first look at the renderings, your inner child wakes up and screams with excitement at those polished discs on the wheels and all that chrome at the front which makes it look like it just came out of the latest Final Fantasy game and movie. These renderings make it look so rudely luxurious that you stop and ask yourself how in the world did this pass by those serious German executive boards? They probably did not see this or were presented with something completely different.


But if Mercedes have learned something from their past mistakes with the Maybach brand, it is that the quantity doesn’t mean that you can charge as twice the price of an S-class, it’s just the opposite. The Maybach S650 Cabriolet, which is currently on display at LA Auto Show, is a vehicle that will be produced in only 300 units of which only 75 will find their way to the US market. The rarity and exclusivity of something are the keys and Mercedes had to learn that the hard way.

You are probably wondering by now, what exactly is the main difference between the S650 and the regular S-Class Cabrio? Well, there are few things that we can include, a new front bumper, added trim, extra badges, and those 20-inch wheels. There are also three main themes to choose from which influence the paint scheme, fabric top, and leather. But that is still not all. Apparently on top of all that you get a matching travel bag set made from the same leather which includes two travel bags that are numbered, just like the car.

The German automaker really didn’t want to bother with emission standards and MPG ratios, and that is why they managed to ensure dozens of cylinders in V variant at our disposal. On top of that, they added turbochargers to push the total horsepower to 621 just like on the AMG model and eye-popping 738 lb-ft of torque. Thank you very much!