Mercedes-AMG X63 – Future competition for Ford Raptor


Mercedes X-Class is being built on Nissan Navara’s platform in cooperation between Nissan, Mercedes, and Renault. That is as far as cooperation goes, rest of pickup is being developed by their engineers. You wouldn’t expect that Nissan or Renault make a performance truck but with Mercedes involved we wouldn’t be surprised if X-Class AMG 63 sees the light of day.

X-Class itself is merely a pickup-truck concept that was presented to us by Mercedes just a c couple of days ago. It comes in two editions. One being more off-road (Powerful Adventurer) orientated while the other represents Mercedes’s luxurious side (Stylish Explorer) even in this segment. This kind of presentation doesn’t come as a surprise because every time Mercedes is entering a new segment they test the market and the crowd with a concept. If you believe us, this one will be well received by both. With six months remaining until production officially begins there is no word about AMG version of X-Class. Six months is a long period, so we are keeping thumbs up and hoping for news about it.

Lot’s of people are ignoring the fact that X-Class could get a performance version. Mostly because it is being built on Navara’s platform and we all know that Navara is nowhere close to being a performance oriented truck. On the other hand, this is pickup from German car maker not from Japanese company so if the market accepts first two versions of Benz’s new vehicle they could demand more and an AMG X-Class could satisfy them. X-Tomi Design went even further and made a rendering of X-Class AMG 63. Our opinion is that it looks great with small exterior changes to highlight its AMG origin. Packed with a twin-turbo V8, luxurious interior, and a performance department badge attached to it this model would shake the truck market.

We don’t want to alarm anybody across the ocean but with three models on pickup market Mercedes would be a force to be reckoned and everybody from Ford, Chevy trough Ram would have a reason to be worried.