Mercedes-AMG will Develop All-Electric Model


SLS E-Cell will have a follower as Mercedes-AMG will produce new all-electric supercar.

Mercedes-Benz presented the sub-brand electric vehicle named EQ at the Paris Motor Show this year. EQ family will welcome cars with the Mercedes-Benz badge first, but AMG will certainly follow in the future.

Mercedes-AMG chairman Tobias Moers told Drive at the Paris Motor Show that they certainly plan to introduce an all-electric supercar, but it won’t be possible in the next few years.

“There is no plan for 2024 to have an electrified car, but if you ask me that question you will always get the answer that sooner or later there will be a pure electric driven AMG because that’s going to happen. For sure it’s a trade off between efficiency and performance, and for other cars as well. There will be an AMG pure electric car but I don’t know when. Because otherwise, AMG will disappear as a brand,” Tobias Moers stated.

Speaking of the electric vehicles, SLS Electric Drive is the only one manufactured by the company. However, the numbers speak for themselves, as the SLS have been holding a record among electric production cars on Nurburgring track for six years now.

Mercedes-AMG is currently developing 1,300hp Hypercar which will come out before this new electric vehicle.