‘Mentions’ App By Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Shares Celebs to Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), if its lineage be traced, did start out as the ultimate status updating social network, for university fraternity. In recent times, the status-updating platform has grown beyond expectations into a mature, influential and powerful ‘brand’ management tool for celebrities and glitterati, driven by newer features/apps such as ‘Mentions.’

Facebook Mentions for celebs: Brand-building and Management

Rolled out last year, ’Mentions’ is not the routine run-of-the-mill service but a definitive celebrity engaging full-service feature, especially with the latest updates released.

‘Mentions’ has been different, thus far, in containing much of the ‘noise’ of fans and their engagement on the online format. With special filters it allows quality fan engagement and has definitely made it easier for hands-on celebrities or their managers to better management their social profiles.

The latest updates to the Mentions app, will further improve the experience for celebrities and their fans, because Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has included a surprising feature – Sharing with other social networks such as Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR).

Apart from allowing shares, it also allows content sharing with Instagram and other networks via a drop-down menu. Therefore, content or posts, images by users on Facebook feed can now be shared across the networks the celebrity chooses. Additionally, updates, images too can be pushed to other networks via shares, and custom edit messages/images on separate networks.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has introduced another update, allowing celebrities to ‘add’ topics in their feeds. This means that specific
Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) hash tags or that of other celebrities, individual for public consumption can now be viewed.

‘Mentions’ App is perhaps another powerful tool by Facebook, which ensures finesse and efficient social engagement of high-profile users of the social networking platform!