Best Tips for Menopause Relief in 2023


As we grow old, our bodies change and get to the new stages. Women all over the world are entering menopause, and such as puberty this change is followed by changes in the hormones as well as in the overall functioning of the organism itself. Some women struggle more and some less to go through the symptoms that are not pleasant at all. No matter how natural this process of change is, it can take a toll on the body and mind of the women; not only women can be affected by these changes, but the people in their surroundings can be affected by the mood swings they experience. Luckily there are ways you can get this change under control and feel good about you.

Gaining psychological strength

Changes in the hormones as mentioned cause some physical effects that are unavoidable; but it is essential to mention that they also affect the brain and the way it is working.

Most women are well familiar with PMS and the symptoms of mood swings which can last for a few days. PMS is caused by the change in the same hormones that are affecting women’s bodies during menopause and can and are causing the feeling of being agitated more easily and overall feeling of not being in the control over your emotions. Some experience being more emotional and their emotions being all over the place.

It seems like it is still stigmatized to visit a psychologist and to have word with them about the emotions you are feeling.  If you are not sure to whom to ask for help, check out Menopause Coach and get the emotional support you need.

You may notice that your brain is not working as it used to and you will have to thank your hormones for that. Most women experience some changes in the memory and difficulties to recall certain details or events. In this case, it is essential to train your brain and not be afraid to engage in new activities. This can be learning a new skill or reading more books, whatever will keep those wheels moving.

Managing the physical symptoms

Hot flashes are one of the most known and prevalent symptoms of menopause and they are caused by the rapid change in the hormone levels followed by the change in the dilation of the peripheral blood vessels. This sudden change brings the blood towards the surface of the body leading to the feeling of your skin burning. This feeling can be very unpleasant, and some women also feel like their hands and feet are on fire, some even reported feeling like their skull is burning up. This is all due to the humoral response of the body onto the changes in the hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. After a hot flash, you might enter the cooling phase, since the body needs to cool off after the sudden increase in the surface temperature. A good way to manage this is to dress in layers and in clothes that are breathable, so you can easily take off and put on the clothes as the inner temperature changes.

Due to mentioned changes insomnia may emerge and cause some changes in the sleeping patterns. This is especially true if you have hot flashes followed by the cold flashes, leaving you soaking wet and forcing you to change the clothes. You may consider having a few layers on the bed, you can easily adjust the temperature underneath the sheets. Also, try to lower down the temperature of the room you are sleeping in under twenty degrees.

Sudden changes in the conductibility and diameter of the blood vessels in the head, can lead to headaches or be a trigger for migraines. To address this issue, consider implementing strategies for a Better Body. Being in the room that has low light and drinking enough water during the day may help in the management of this symptom. Be aware that the only pain that should not be tolerated and should be treated as soon as it emerges is the pain in the head, so take the pain relief tablet if needed. If the pain is on the one side of the head and it causes some other problems such as vision changes and problems in moving the muscles of your face, call the doctor ASAP.

The surge in both progesterone and estrogen may lead to changes in the quality of the hair and skin. Some women experience hair loss or thinning of the hair. This can be treated by proper diet and special natural shampoos. Skin will be affected as well, so it can change in texture, and become more dry or oily. With proper skin products and diet, these changes may be decreased and brought to the bare minimum.

Working on your intimate life

Changes in the hormones, as said will mess with the physical and psychological component of the body, this will lead to changes in the intimate life you are having. The surge in hormones can change the flora of the intimate parts and cause dryness that may be managed by using the water-based lubricants and some specific tablets that will make the flora down under be more friendly.

Hormonal changes may lead to the loss of the overall desire for intimacy especially due to increased self-awareness of the body; especially if there are skin breakouts, hair loss and water retention. By talking to your partner and psychologist may help you overcome this obstacle. Investing in the lingerie may increase your self-confidence leading to the positive change in your intimate life.


Menopause is a natural change that is inevitable and occurs in all women; some do have more severe symptoms, while others may transit through this stage very easily. Hormonal changes are the ones to blame for all the changes that are experienced by women during this period that can be very hard on the body and mind. By managing physical symptoms, you may start to feel better. Be sure to contact professional help if needed and if the emotions start to be hard to control. Working on yourself and on your intimate life with your partner may lead to positive changes and help you survive this.