Meet the second gen prototype Xperia Ear – headphone with a built-in digital assistant – the Sony Agent!


Sony always had, pretty much the best vision of what future should look and feel like. The only problem is that they do not manage to follow through, but that might change with something new they have been working on – Xperia Ear headphone with a Sony Agent built in.

According to Sony, this is a “hands-free, eyes-free, and ears-free” tech, but some of you are probably wondering why ears-free? Ears-free comes from the fact that the headphones use something called “open-ear” technology which is capable of transmitting sound “directly to the ear canal.” This pretty much has a similar tech that can bee seen in some other earphones, and they basically allow you to listen to music and interact with an assistant at the same time while still hearing noise from the world around you.

What is a bit sad is that we already saw a similar promise from Sony and they did not manage to deliver. If you are not aware, this is the second gen of Xperia Ear, while the first generation that went on sale last year was almost a complete miss with reviewers saying it had limited functionality and poor battery life as the main reason to avoid this piece of tech.

Sony is a company with a lot of experience and years behind them. They tend to do things their way and according to their pace, and that is exactly why we think that the gen two of the Xperia Ear will solve some of its predecessor’s issues and be much better. The company stated that they have done some work on the Sony Assistant and that they are still working on it.

They also announced something that is called “Anytime Talk” which is a feature that makes it easy for you to start a group call “without searching through contacts or needing to dial.” What is great is that this function will be added to the first generation of Xperia Ear sometime in the next few months. For any further updates stay tuned, we will report back!